www.specialoffers.universalcard.com – Enroll in AT&T Bonus Offer Online

If you are looking for a bonus offer for special offers.universal card that is an offer from www.specialoffers.universalcard.com official website. You can follow this in-depth informative guide to enroll AT&T Bonus offer online.



Getting special offers universal card will provide so many options such as:

  • It comes with 10 digits invite number that helps you to enable the bonus enrolment procedure.
  • universalcard services operated by Citibank which is registered at Citigroup, Inc.
  • After enrolling into specialoffers universalcard customers allowed to earn rewards.

Special Offers.Universal Card

The special offers universal card promotion might change at any time and any queries where the offer can be confirmed by the customer support or on the back of your credit card. The enrolling procedure may take a few minutes only to be done and users need to provide the account number with the valid email address while enrolling in the process.

We highly recommend specialoffers.universalcard.com to the customers who spend a good amount of money on AT&T products and services so they can spend and earn rewards at the same time.

AT&T Universal Card – Full Info

  • Users can max out the special offers.universal card at $350 per year.
  • If AT&T dealers are not eligible to sell if the user purchases them unless the dealer pays via AT&T services.
  • If the user returns the item then, the rewards points will not eligible.
  • Rewards will reflect in the form of statement credits in the bill.
  • If you want to earn these lucrative rewards then the customer’s account should be open and run in good standing.
  • For customers who want to set the Auto Bill Pay with AT&T Universal Card, then the user needs to contact the merchant directly.

Users can contact AT&T corporate office at 208 South Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75202 & users can also contact the customer care team at 210-821-4105. The AT&T Universal Credit Card run by AT&T and CitiGroup Financial Services.

Why You Should Choose www.specialoffers.universalcard.com?

If you choose www.specialoffers.universalcard.com and spent every dollar on AT&T services or products then you will get 10% savings in the first year and 5% later. To track the status of pending special offers universal card applications then please call them at 1-800-308-6537.

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