Toonily APK 2023: Reading and Downloading Manhwa for Free


Toonily APK 2023 is a popular mobile application for reading and downloading manhwa (Korean comics) for free.


With over 5000 titles in its extensive library, Toonily offers manhwa fans an unparalleled platform to enjoy their favorite comics anytime, anywhere.

Toonily APK 2023

Toonily APK


In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Toonily APK, including:


Introduction to Toonily Apk

Toonily Apk is a mobile app that provides free access to thousands of manhwa series and titles. It has a user-friendly interface optimized for reading manhwa on mobile devices.

Some key features of Toonily include:

  • Huge library – Over 5000 manhwa titles spanning different genres like action, drama, comedy, romance, etc. New titles are added regularly.
  • Offline reading – Ability to download manhwa for offline reading. This allows access even without an internet connection.
  • Smooth navigation – Intuitive interface with different sections and menus for easy navigation. Finding your favorite manhwa is simple.
  • Free access – All manhwa can be read for free. There are no charges or subscriptions.
  • Regular updates – Fast updates when new chapters of Manhwa are released. Get notified when new chapters of your followed manhwa are out.

How To Download and Install Toonily APK on Android?

Since Toonily is not available on the Google Play Store or App Store, you will need to download the APK file and manually install it on your Android device.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of Toonily APK from trusted sources like APKMirror.
  2. Enable the “Install from unknown source” setting on your Android device. This can be found in Settings > Security.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file on your device storage and tap on it to trigger the installation.
  4. Accept the app permissions when prompted.
  5. After successful installation, you can find the Toonily icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  6. Register with your email ID or connect with social media to start using Toonily.

Key Features of the Toonily App

Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that make Toonily a top choice among manhwa readers:

  • Extensive Library with 5000+ Titles

Toonily offers one of the largest collections of manhwa with over 5000 titles across genres like action, adventure, drama, comedy, romance, thriller, and more.

The library is regularly updated with new and ongoing manhwa series. You can find both popular titles as well as underrated and relatively unknown manhwa on Toonily.

Some of the most popular manhwa featured on Toonily include:

  • Solo Leveling.
  • Tower of God.
  • The Beginning After The End.
  • The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years.
  • Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.
  • The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower.
  • The Boxer.

With new chapters and series being added every day, you will never run out of reading options on Toonily.

  • Downloading for Offline Reading

One of the best features of Toonily is the ability to download manhwa for offline reading. This means you can read your favorite comics without the need for an active internet connection.

The downloading process is straightforward:

  • Tap on a manhwa title you want to download and enter its page.
  • On the manhwa page, tap on the download button to initiate the download.
  • Downloaded manhwa will be available in the Library section and can be accessed offline.

This offline reading functionality makes Toonily great for reading manhwa during commutes, travels, or when you don’t have an internet connection.

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Despite offering thousands of manhwa titles, Toonily makes it easy to find and navigate your favorite comics with its clean interface.

Key sections on the app include:

  • Home – Get customized manhwa recommendations and quick access to the latest chapters of the following manhwa.
  • Library – Your collection of downloaded manhwa for offline reading.
  • Latest – Newly updated manhwa chapters.
  • Browse – All manhwa are organized into genres and alphabetical listings.
  • Search – Find manhwa by titles, authors, or keywords.

The menus and UI elements are appropriately sized for comfortable manhwa reading on mobile. Useful features like night mode, reading history, and bookmarks make the overall experience smooth.

  • Regular Manhwa Updates

Toonily has one of the fastest updating schedules when new manhwa chapters are released. Ongoing manhwa series see new chapter updates on Toonily within hours of Korean releases.


You can subscribe to update notifications to get alerts about new chapters of your favorite manhwa. Or simply check the Latest section to see updated manhwa.

For avid manhwa fans who closely follow multiple series, Toonily’s regular updates are invaluable.

How to Use Toonily: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to start reading and downloading manhwa on Toonily:

  1. Install the app – Download and install Toonily APK as outlined above. Launch the app on your Android device.
  2. Sign up/Login – You can register with your email ID or connect via Facebook, Google, or Twitter. This will save your library and allow social sharing.
  3. Browse manhwa – Explore manhwa in the Home, Latest, Browse, and Search sections.
  4. Tap a title – Open a manhwa title page to see a summary, chapters list, comments, etc.
  5. Select a chapter – Tap on a chapter name to start reading it. Next/previous chapter arrows help navigate.
  6. Download manhwa (optional) – Tap the Download button on the title page to save it offline. Find the downloaded manhwa in the Library.
  7. Adjust settings – Customize options like orientation, reading direction, font size, etc. via the Settings tab.
  8. Get updates – Follow Manhwa to get notified about new chapters. Check the Latest section for quick updates.

And that’s it! Just follow this simple process to have access to thousands of manhwa at your fingertips.


Tips and Tricks to Use Toonily Like a Pro

Here are some tips and tricks to master Toonily and become a pro manhwa reader:

  • Use the Filter functionality in Browse to narrow down manhwa by demographic, genre, status, etc.
  • Bookmark manhwa or specific chapters to easily find them later.
  • Share interesting manhwa with friends via social media integration.
  • Enable Dark Mode under Settings for a comfortable night reading experience.
  • Adjust Font Size as per your preference for strain-free reading.
  • Use the Download feature judiciously to save mobile data – download only the manhwa you plan to read soon.
  • Turn on Update Notifications under Settings to stay updated on your favorite manhwa.
  • Provide Feedback under Settings to help improve user experience. Report any issues faced.
  • Check Ratings and Comments on manhwa to gauge their quality and reader opinions before reading.

Toonily Alternatives 2023

While Toonily offers one of the best manhwa reading experiences, here are a few alternatives you can also try:

  • MangaToon – Also provides a vast manhwa library and efficient chapter updates. But has ads and lacks downloading support.
  • WebToons – Official Naver webtoon app with many exclusive Korean and global webtoons. But lower manhwa count compared to Toonily.
  • Manga Manhwa – Offers thousands of manhwa but has a relatively inferior interface. Public domain manhwa only.
  • Manga Reader – Has a good collection and customizable reader. But fewer latest manhwa compared to Toonily.
  • – Open source community for scanlations. Recommended for niche and non-mainstream manhwa.

So in summary, Toonily is recommended as the top choice for most manhwa readers due to its huge licensed library, well-designed interface, downloading support, and regular updates.

How Toonily Stands Out From Other Manhwa Apps?

What makes Toonily a top choice among manhwa reading apps? Here’s a look at some of its biggest advantages:

  • No Ads

Most manhwa and manga apps are plagued with annoying ads that disrupt the reading experience. Toonily is 100% free of ads which allows for seamless reading without irritating pop-ups and banners.

  • Varied Content Selection

Toonily goes beyond just the most mainstream manhwa. Along with popular titles, it also offers a selection of lesser-known, upcoming, and niche manhwa series. This provides more varied content.

  • Fast Server and Load Speeds

Smooth navigation and quick loading of pages are essential for reading long chapters. Toonily optimizes images and chapters to ensure minimal buffering and lags.

  • Optimized Image Quality

Manhwa artwork can lose details and text can become fuzzy on mobile screens. Toonily serves optimized images tailored for phones and tablets to give the best viewing experience.

  • Regular Updates and Releases

New manhwa chapters are added to Toonily within hours of their Korean launch. For ongoing series, you get updates quicker than most other sources.

  • Dark Mode

Reading manhwa in the dark can strain your eyes. Toonily has a Dark Mode that displays pages with inverted black/white contrast for comfortable night reading.

  • Community Features

Share your reactions on chapters, discuss manhwa with other fans, and read comments to engage with the community – adds to the overall enjoyment.

So in summary, Toonily focuses on key aspects like an ads-free interface, content selection, server speeds, image quality, update frequency, dark mode, and community features that enhance user experience.


Beginner’s Guide to Manhwa

For those new to the world of manhwa, here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

What is Manhwa?

  • Manhwa refers to Korean comics or print cartoons.
  • Similar to manga (Japanese comics) but has a distinctive art style and themes.
  • Can be color or black-and-white. Usually read left-to-right.
  • Covers a wide range of genres like action, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, comedy, thriller etc.

History of Manhwa

  • Originated in the late 19th century during Korean modernization.
  • Initially influenced by Japanese manga but evolved into a distinct style and format.
  • Became popular worldwide in the 2000s with the spread of digital manhwa.
  • Top manhwa publishers include Naver, KToon, TopToon, etc.

Different Types of Manhwa

  • Webtoons – Digital manhwa designed for scrolling vertically on the web and mobile.
  • Manhwa – General term for all print comics and cartoons in Korea.
  • Manhua – Korean comics made in Chinese art style.
  • Webtoon Manhwa – Manhwa stories published in webtoon format.

Popular Manhwa Genres

Some popular genres include:

  • Action – Exciting stories featuring battles, supernatural powers, martial arts, etc. Eg: Tower of God
  • Drama – Explores character emotions and relationships. Eg: True Beauty
  • Romance – Focuses on romantic relationships. Eg: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  • Comedy – Humorous, parody, and light-hearted manhwa. Eg: Lookism
  • Thriller – Dark, suspenseful stories with plot twists. Eg: Bastard
  • Fantasy – Unfold in imaginary magical worlds with unique creatures. Eg: Noblesse
  • Sci-fi – Futuristic stories involving advanced tech, space travel, etc. Eg: Dr. Frost

Popular Manhwa Tropes

  • Strong hero opens a shop / café / restaurant.
  • High school student discovers they have special powers.
  • The main lead travels back in time.
  • The protagonist adopts/rescues a mystical creature.
  • A character who struggles with school/looks transforms into a handsome genius.

So those are the basics of manhwa that beginners should know! With this foundation, explore and find the manhwa genres and stories you enjoy on Toonily.

Advanced Tips for Reading Manhwa on Toonily

Let’s go beyond the basics and look at some pro tips and tricks:


Follow Multiple Series

  • Toonily allows you to follow Manhwa to get updates on new chapters.
  • Follow multiple series so you always have fresh chapters to read.
  • Get notified when new chapters of the following manhwa are released.

Join Toonily Groups

  • Toonily has online groups where users discuss manhwa.
  • Join groups focused on your favorite titles or genres.
  • Share opinions, fun memes, interesting theories, and more about manhwa with fellow fans.

Create Your Own Memes

  • Toonily lets you generate memes using panels from a manhwa.
  • Pick an iconic or funny manhwa scene and add text captions.
  • Share your manhwa memes with the community.

Write Your Own Manhwa Reviews

  • Write reviews giving your verdict on the manhwa you read.
  • Give detailed opinions about the story, art, characters, and development.
  • Help other users decide what manhwa to read next.

Use Community Features

  • See ratings, comments, and discussions on each manhwa title.
  • Add your own reactions and participate.
  • Get the wider community’s perspective beyond just your own views.

Enable Profile Sync

  • Log in to Toonily on different devices.
  • Enable Sync in settings to connect devices.
  • This will sync your library, bookmarks, preferences, etc. across all synced devices.

Try Different Reading Directions

  • Toonily offers both left-right and right-left reading modes.
  • Change direction if you get used to the manga (Japanese) reading order.
  • Find which direction you’re most comfortable reading manhwa in.

Adjust Chapter Page Settings

  • Toonily lets you configure how pages load in chapters.
  • Change Pages per Chapter based on your reading speed.
  • Adjust Image Quality as needed. Lower quality=faster loading.

Use Downloads Judiciously

  • Avoid downloading the entire manhwa unless you plan to read it immediately.
  • Download a few latest chapters of currently reading Manhwa.
  • Delete already-read chapters to save space.
  • Manage your downloads to optimize storage.

So use these tips and tricks to level up your manhwa reading skills on Toonily! Explore all that the app offers beyond just casual reading.

Light vs Dark Mode: Which is Better for Reading Manhwa?

Toonily allows switching between Light and Dark modes. But which is ideal for reading manhwa? Let’s compare the two:


  • Light mode has black text over white background. The highest contrast makes text very sharp and readable.
  • Dark mode inverts the scheme to white text on black. Reduced contrast can cause slight eyestrain over long periods.

Eye Strain

  • Light mode is considered to put less strain on the eyes as the bright background lights up the page.
  • Dark mode helps avoid glare but the dimmer display can tire eyes after prolonged reading.

Night Reading

  • Light mode can feel jarringly bright in the dark and affect sleep cycles.
  • Dark mode is significantly better suited for reading manhwa at night.

Battery Usage

  • Light mode displays more bright pixels so tends to consume slightly more battery.
  • Dark mode uses fewer lit pixels and helps save some battery life.


  • Light mode looks clean and matches most other apps but lacks visual flair.
  • Dark mode looks stylish and makes the art pop out more due to contrast.


  • Light mode is easier to read for some people with visual sensitivities.
  • Dark mode provides an accessibility option for those bothered by bright screens.

So in summary, while Light mode allows for maximum visibility, Dark mode is likely the better choice for most, with its night reading suitability, cooler aesthetics, and battery saving. But use what seems most comfortable to your eyes.


Manhwa vs Manga – How Are They Different?

Manhwa and manga may seem very similar on the surface but there are some key differences between the two:

Country of Origin

  • Manhwa refers to Korean comics while manga refers to Japanese comics.

Art Style

  • Manga has more exaggerated expressions while manhwa has a more realistic drawing style.
  • Manhwa art has cleaner lines and muted color tones compared to manga.

Text Direction

  • Manga is read from right to left while manhwa is read from left to right.

Panel Layouts

  • Traditional manga has more complex paneling while manhwa arrangements are simpler.
  • Webtoon manhwa may scroll continuously vertically instead of segmented panels.

Themes and Genres

  • Manga has more fantasy/sci-fi elements while manhwa focuses more on real life, romance, and drama.
  • Manhwa has more full-color content compared to black-and-white manga.

Origins and History

  • Manga originated in the 12th century while manhwa started around the 19th century.
  • Manga was an influence on early manhwa but manhwa developed its own identity over time.

So in summary, while both are Asian comic forms, manhwa and manga have their own distinctive flavors and stylistic differences. Both offer fantastic stories that are worth reading.

Toonily Reader Features Overview

Let’s look at the key features that make up the reading experience on Toonily:

Page Layout

  • Simple vertical continuous scroll layout optimized for mobile reading.
  • Clean interface with manhwa chapter occupying most of the screen.
  • Minimized menus and navigation overlay for immersive reading.

Transition Effects

  • Cinematic pan and fade effects when flipping between pages and chapters.
  • Creates an engaging reading flow between panels and chapters.

Reading Controls

  • Intuitive controls like tap to flip the page, side tabs for quick chapter jumps, etc.
  • Controls fade away when not in use to avoid obstructing the manhwa view.

Text Options

  • Ability to resize text for comfort and readability.
  • Font typefaces optimized for high legibility on mobile screens.

Scrolling or Tapping

  • Option to scroll continuously through chapters vertically (like webtoon).
  • Or can tap sides to flip pages more like traditional comics.

Night & Day Modes

  • Day mode has a white background for maximum contrast.
  • Night mode uses a black background for a comfortable night reading experience.

Landscape / Portrait

  • Manhwa chapters can be read in both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • App experience adjusts smoothly to the changed orientation.

So in summary, Toonily provides a visually appealing and configurable manhwa reading interface tailored for mobile use.


Toonily Social Features and Community

Here’s a look at the different social features on Toonily that allow engaging with the manhwa community:


  • Read comments from other users on each manhwa and chapter.
  • Leave your own reactions – create discussions.


  • Participate in interest-based forums on popular manhwa.
  • Have deeper discussions beyond just comments.


  • Create public lists like ‘Must Read Action Manhwa’ or ‘All-Time Faves’.
  • Follow other users’ lists for recommendations.


  • See average user ratings on each manhwa and its chapters.
  • Rate manhwa yourself on a scale of 1-5 stars.


  • Follow other users who share your taste in manhwa.
  • Get updates on new manhwa they follow or recommend.

Profile Customization

  • Set a profile picture, bio, and interests for your account.
  • Make your account reflect your personality.

So in summary, Toonily allows manhwa fans to connect with each other through multiple social features for a richer, interactive experience.

Toonily App vs Website Comparison

Let’s compare the key aspects of the Toonily app vs website:

FeatureToonily AppToonily Website
Reading experienceOptimized for mobileBetter on desktop
NavigationStreamlined with bottom barMore menus and options
ResponsivenessAdaptive mobile interfaceCan lag on mobile browser
Download availabilityAllows downloading contentNo downloading option
NotificationsGet alerts on updatesNo notifications
Dark modeAvailableNot available
Content LibraryComplete accessSome exclusive titles missing
discoverabilityPersonalized recommendationsLacks smart suggestions
Sign-up required?OptionalMandatory for the latest chapters
AdsNo adsSite has ads

Toonily Membership: Paid Plans & Features

While Toonily offers its vast manhwa library for free, it also has a paid membership plan that unlocks additional features and perks. Let’s look at what you get with Toonily membership:


Early Access

  • Get early access to new chapters before non-members.
  • Read the latest chapters of your favorite manhwa before others.

Ad-Free Reading

  • Toonily already has no ads but membership guarantees it stays that way.

High-Res Images

  • Higher resolution manhwa images for crisper art.

Offline Reading

  • Standard users have 25 offline downloads while members can download unlimited manhwa.

Exclusive Content

  • Some manhwa titles are reserved only for members.

Support Creators

  • Part of the fee goes towards supporting manhwa artists and publishers.

No Watermarks

  • Download Manhwa without any website watermarks on the images.

The Toonily VIP membership costs around $4.99 per month but often goes on sale at a discount. While optional, it enhances the experience for die-hard manhwa enthusiasts who want to support the platform.

FAQs about Toonily

Here are some frequently asked questions about Toonily:

  • Q. Is Toonily legal?

Yes, Toonily is a completely legal application for reading manhwa. It licenses manhwa from creators and publishers before making them available.

  • Q. Does Toonily have a virus?

No, Toonily is 100% safe to use. It does not contain any viruses, malware, or spyware.

  • Q. Can I read Manhwa offline on Toonily?

Yes, Toonily allows downloading manhwa for offline reading. Downloaded manhwa are accessible in the Library section.

  • Q. How often are new chapters added to Toonily?

New manhwa chapters are added to Toonily within a few hours of their original Korean release. For ongoing series, you can expect near real-time updates.

  • Q. Will my progress be saved if I switch devices?

Yes, if you register and sign in to Toonily on both devices, your library, bookmarks, preferences, etc. will be synced across them.

  • Q. Does Toonily drain phone battery?

Toonily is optimized for mobile use so it will not drain your phone battery excessively unless you read for very prolonged periods. Downloading titles for offline reading will help save battery.

  • Q. Can I upload my own manhwa on Toonily?

No, Toonily does not allow users to self-publish or upload manhwa. All manhwa on it are licensed officially.

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In conclusion, Toonily offers an exceptional platform for manhwa fans to explore thousands of titles in a feature-rich, user-friendly application. Some of its standout qualities include:

  • Giant library with 5000+ manhwa in various genres.
  • Downloading capability for offline reading.
  • Regular manhwa chapter updates.
  • Smooth and intuitive mobile interface.
  • Completely free and legal app.

Whether you are a casual reader or a die-hard manhwa fan, Toonily is definitely worth installing with its extensive collection and reading-focused experience. So get started reading your favorite manhwa conveniently on the go with Toonily!

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