Color Pop++ IPA – Download Color Pop Premium FREE


In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding time for creative self-expression can be a challenge. An engaging new app called Color Pop++ IPA aims to make art therapy accessible anytime, anywhere.


With its huge library of intricate illustrations and intuitive tools, Color Pop has become a popular way to tap into creativity on mobile devices.

Color Pop++ IPA – Download Color Pop Premium FREE

Color Pop++ IPA


Let’s explore what makes this app such an appealing digital coloring book, how to maximize its features for artistic enjoyment, and some key information on downloading and troubleshooting Color Pop++ IPA.


Grab your virtual pencils and get ready to relax, unwind, and make some colorful magic!

An Overview of Color Pop

Color Pop is a free mobile coloring book app developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. for iOS and Android devices. First launched in 2015, the app has grown steadily in popularity thanks to its high quality illustrations, soothing background music, and range of coloring tools.

It sets itself apart from other coloring apps with its huge collection of images spanning floral patterns, animals, mandalas, scenes, objects, and more. The illustrations are intricate, and detailed and made even more impressive by zooming in. This allows for immersive, meditative coloring sessions.

In addition to the free catalog, Color Pop offers premium image packs and custom illustrations through in-app purchases. However, there’s no limit to using the free images.


Features of Color Pop++ IPA:

  • Realistic Tools – Markers, crayons, pencils, and more, each with adjustable size, opacity, and coloring effects
  • Vibrant Colors – A wide spectrum of vivid colors to choose from with options to personalize palettes
  • Relaxing Music – Calming, mellow background audio tracks enhance the coloring experience
  • Creativity Aids – Automatic color suggestions, area fill and line locking assist the coloring process
  • Zoom Function – Zoom into illustrations to color intricate details and patterns
  • Timelapse Replay – Watch your entire coloring process play out in a timelapse video that can be saved locally or shared on social media
  • Online Gallery – Browse and get inspired by colorings from the community then share your own creations
  • Offline Access – All images stay downloaded so you can color without an internet connection

For coloring book enthusiasts, hobby artists, design professionals, or really anyone looking for an engaging, de-stressing app experience, Color Pop checks all the right boxes.

Navigating the Color Pop++ IPA Interface

The user interface has been thoughtfully designed to balance simplicity of use with the depth of features. Here’s an overview of the main elements:

  • Illustration Gallery – Browse the image catalog and download files to color them. The scrolling gallery makes discovery a visual treat.
  • Top Toolbar – Quickly access key functions like the image gallery, color palettes, settings, sharing options, and music controls.
  • Color Palette – Select colors using a spectrum slider and brightness adjustor. Save custom palettes.
  • Drawing Tools – Equipped with markers, pencils, crayons, paintbrush, and airbrush to color with. Adjust size and transparency.
  • Zoom Controls – Double-tap or use the slider to zoom in up to 32X to color tiny details. Pinch to zoom back out.
  • Music Player – Play/pause the background audio tracks and adjust the volume.
  • Share Button – Save your finished colorings locally or share directly on social platforms.
  • Timelapse – Watch a replay of the entire coloring process in an accelerated timelapse view.

Despite its wide range of features, Color Pop feels welcoming to use even for coloring newbies. Options are laid out logically while still enabling personalized customization.

Choosing Artwork to Color

The true joy of Color Pop comes from its enormous collection of illustrations sourced from artists across the globe. When you first launch the app, here are some tips for browsing and selecting images to color:

  • Scroll through the Gallery View to visually scan all images. Tap a thumbnail to preview the line art.
  • Star your favorites by tapping the ribbon icon on images you want to revisit easily.
  • Download an image by tapping the arrow inside the thumbnail. This will make it available offline.
  • Use the Search function to narrow down images by keywords like “animals”, “floral”, “scenery” etc.
  • Filter by categories like New, Recommended, and Most Popular if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices.
  • Sort the gallery by newest, alphabetical, or by complexity level based on the intricacy of patterns.
  • Tap the heart icon on images to have the app recommend similar style illustrations.
  • Explore the in-app Market section for premium and limited edition art packs if you wish to expand.

Take time browsing since discovering appealing artwork is key to an immersive coloring experience. Once you’ve found art you connect with, tap Download and you’re ready to start coloring.

Coloring Tools and Features

Here are some tips to make the most of Color Pop’s expansive coloring tools and features:

  • Pick a medium – Experiment with markers, crayons, pencils, and paint brushes to see which fits your style.
  • Adjust size – Use larger tips to quickly fill spaces and smaller tips to color details.
  • Customize opacity – Lower opacity to gently overlay colors instead of a flat fill.
  • Color suggestions – Toggle this on for the app to propose color schemes that go well together.
  • Area fill tool – Tap a section to automatically fill enclosed spaces with the selected color.
  • Lock Lines feature – Stops colors from going outside line boundaries. Great for staying tidy.
  • Blend colors – Overlap colored areas to mix hues smoothly for a watercolor effect.
  • Use layers – Tap with two fingers to add highlights and shadows as separate layers.
  • Undo button – Revert mistakes by tapping the circular arrow icon at the top.
  • Create palettes – Save custom color sets for quick access across projects.
  • Zoom in – Don’t forget to periodically zoom into the details for a more immersive experience.
  • Share colorings – Upload your artwork to the community gallery for others to admire.

With this robust digital art studio at your fingertips, you have endless options for expressing creativity and perfecting coloring skills.

Relaxing with Color Pop’s Soothing Experience

Beyond its quality illustration library and coloring versatility, Color Pop delivers an experience designed specifically for relaxation.


Some ways the app promotes a tranquil, de-stressing time include:

  • Soothing Music – The gently upbeat background audio sets a peaceful ambiance. Volume can be adjusted to personal preference.
  • Natural Sounds – Alternately, choose audio like ocean waves, wind chimes, or a crackling fireplace for a calming soundscape.
  • Zen Mode – This hides all on-screen controls so you can get lost coloring without distractions. Re-enter Zen Mode anytime with a quick triple tap.
  • Vibrant Colors – The wide spectrum of vivid colors are aesthetically pleasing and uplifting.
  • Reward System – Gain stars for milestones that encourage continued engagement.
  • Portability – Color anywhere without needing an internet connection once images are downloaded.
  • Timelapse Replay – Watching the timelapse of a completed coloring unfold is highly satisfying.

With regular use, Color Pop’s relaxing qualities promote the lowering of stress and anxiety levels by redirecting focus to artistic expression.

Importing Outside Images to Color (Pro feature)

While Color Pop already includes thousands of illustrations, users looking for maximum customizability can unlock the ability to import external images to color by subscribing to Color Pop Pro.

Here’s how to use this premium feature:

  • Subscribe to Pro by tapping the crown icon and selecting the paid subscription.
  • Tap the landscape icon on the top right and select “Start with your photo”.
  • Choose an image from your Camera Roll or take a new photo directly within the app.
  • Use the magic wand to auto-select the key subject or Free Draw to extract it manually.
  • Clean up the lines and edit if needed before finalizing the line art.
  • The new illustration will now show in your Gallery ready to color!.

With some practice, this feature grants endless options by letting you transform personal photos into coloring templates.

Sharing Creations with the Community

Part of what makes coloring such an endearing hobby is being able to share artwork with fellow artists and fans. Color Pop makes this social engagement easy.

Tap the Share button after completing a coloring to:

  • Save the image locally to your Camera Roll to upload it anywhere.
  • Directly post the artwork to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with pre-populated text.
  • Share a screencap video highlighting your coloring process.
  • Get a shareable link you can send to friends and family.

Additionally, add your coloring to the Community Gallery for other users to admire and “Heart”. This sense of community and appreciation can be inspiring.


Subscribing to Color Pop Pro

While the free version has ample content for casual coloring, subscribing to the premium Color Pop Pro tier unlocks additional benefits:

  • Import external images – Upload personal photos to transform into custom coloring pages
  • More than 4000 images – Significantly expands the image library
  • 120+ palettes – Access expanded color options
  • Ad-free experience – Removes intermittent banner ads for uninterrupted coloring
  • Early access – Get new content before non-Pro users

Pro is priced at $7.99 monthly or $39.99 annually via auto-renewable subscriptions. Consider the boost in features before deciding to upgrade.

Downloading and Installing Color Pop++ IPA

Since Color Pop is a free mobile app, downloading and installing it on your device is quick and easy:

On iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the App Store and search for “Color Pop” or “Color Pop Adult Coloring Book” or just Click Here.
  2. Tap Get, then tap Install when prompted.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password when requested.
  4. Once installed, tap Open to launch Color Pop.

On Android devices:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for “Color Pop”
  2. Tap Install and Accept when prompted
  3. Allow installation from external sources if requested
  4. Open Color Pop from the app drawer after installation completes

The app size is moderate at around 150MB. Make sure you have adequate storage before installing. Also, disable Battery Saver mode for uninterrupted coloring sessions.


Troubleshooting Common Issues

Like any app, Color Pop may encounter occasional technical hiccups. Here are some potential issues and fixes:

  • Images not downloading: Check internet connection. Reboot device. Clear app cache/data.
  • App crashes or freezes: Force close Color Pop. Restart device. Update to the latest version.
  • Can’t import image: Verify image meets requirements (under 30MB, PNG or JPEG)
  • Unable to share: Enable access to social media accounts. Check app permissions.
  • Sluggish performance: Close other apps. Lower resolution on large images.
  • Lines visible when coloring: Turn on the Overlay Visibility setting.
  • Unsaved work lost: The app does auto-save so work is preserved. Close and reopen.
  • Subscription issues: Confirm payment method is valid. Restore purchases.

If problems persist, contact Color Pop support for troubleshooting help.

Top 10 Coloring Apps Similar to Color Pop for iOS Devices 2023

While Color Pop remains a fan favorite, here are 10 alternative coloring apps to also consider:

  1. Pigment – Millions of intricate patterns and the ability to create color-by-number templates.
  2. Lake – Watercolor painting effects for natural transparent blending.
  3. Recolor – Convert your photos into digital coloring pages.
  4. Happy Color – Fun animations on finished artwork with extensive catalog.
  5. Colorfly – Draw freehand on blank canvases with diverse coloring tools.
  6. Color Therapy – Thousands of mandala designs ideal for relaxation.
  7. Color Planet – Detailed landscapes and environments beyond typical objects.
  8. Morphix – Pointillism and pixel art features for modern digital effects.
  9. Adult Coloring Book – Ultra-realistic tools plus drawing capability.
  10. Colorya – Intuitive tools and perfect canvas zoom/pan make coloring seamless.

Try out multiple apps to find your favorite way of channeling creativity digitally.


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Color Pop++ IPA delivers a highly engaging, feature-rich adult coloring experience enhanced with soothing music, vivid colors, and a thriving community.

While learning to maximize its tools and options takes some exploration, the app makes it easy to tap into the therapeutic benefits of creativity.


Relieve stress, practice mindfulness, improve focus, or simply have fun – whatever your motivation, Color Pop provides that perfect digital canvas for self-expression and artistic joy while on the go.

So download Color Pop today, grab your virtual pencils, and get ready to unlock some colorful creativity as you make the world a little brighter, one illustration at a time.

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