Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) is a popular mobile game where players collect and upgrade different cookies, each with their unique abilities. One of the key mechanics of the game is equipping toppings to boost the cookies’ stats and abilities.


In this guide, we will discuss about Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build 2024, an epic frontline tank cookie known for its ability to absorb damage and disrupt enemies. We will cover Dark Choco’s skills, the optimal toppings for him, and why Solid Almond is recommended as the best build.

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build 2024

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build


What is Cookie Run Kingdom?

For those new to the game, Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) is an adventure RPG game released in January 2021 by developers Devsisters and published by LINE Games. The game brings together many cookies from the popular Cookie Run franchise into one adventure-packed kingdom.


In CRK, players collect cookies, level them up, promote them through the star system, and equip toppings and treasures to make them more powerful. You then construct teams of 5 cookies to take on various PvE game modes like Story Mode, Tower of Frozen Waves, Guild Battle, and more. There is also PvP available in the Arena.

The game features relaxed, auto-running gameplay but offers plenty of depth when it comes to team composition and strategy. Choosing the right toppings can make a huge difference in a cookie’s performance.

The Best Toppings for Dark Choco Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The recommended best toppings built for Dark Choco Cookie is:

X5 Solid Almond Topping (Recommended)


Solid Almond toppings provide additional damage resistance, allowing Dark Choco to tank more hits. This synergizes extremely well with his kit and role as a defensive frontline tank.

Here is an overview of Dark Choco Cookie’s toppings build:

NameDark Choco Cookie
Toppings BuildX5 Solid Almond Topping (Recommended)

Now let’s analyze why Solid Almond is the ideal choice to maximize Dark Choco’s potential.

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build Analysis

Why Solid Almond Topping?

Solid Almond topping provides:

  • +9% Damage Resistance at max level
  • 587 HP at max level

This aligns perfectly with Dark Choco’s role as the frontline tank that needs to absorb enemy attacks. The damage resistance allows him to stay alive longer.

Dark Choco already has a very high base HP thanks to his epic rarity. Solid Almond further augments his ability to tank hits with the damage resistance percentages.

This enables Dark Choco to protect your midline and rear cookies for an extended duration. He can tank the enemy team while your DPS cookies unleash their damage.

Other Topping Options

You could also build Dark Choco in other ways:

  • Solid Walnut for more HP and damage-resist
  • Choco Chips to reduce his Skill cooldown faster
  • Swift Chocolate to make him change his skill faster

However, Solid Almond directly benefits Dark Choco’s defensive tanking capabilities rather than reducing cooldown or charging speed. Since he is primarily a tank, defense should be the priority. Solid Almond is simply the best fit.

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build In CRK

Let’s take another look at the recommended Dark Choco Cookie build:

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build:

X5 Solid Almond Topping (Recommended)


Why is this the best build?

  1. Maximizes Dark Choco’s tanking and damage absorption capabilities
  2. Provides much-needed damage resistance to enable him to soak more hits
  3. Fits his role as the frontline tank perfectly
  4. Solid Almond has great sub stats for a defensive cookie (HP and damage resist)

In summary, if you want Dark Choco Cookie to live up to its full potential as the tank of your team, Solid Almond is undoubtedly the best choice.

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build Overview

Here is an overview of Dark Choco Cookie and his recommended toppings:

NameDark Choco Cookie
Dark Choco Cookie Toppings BuildX5 Solid Almond Topping (Recommended)

And here’s a recap of his skills:

Dark Choco Cookie Skill Info

Dark Choco strikes the ground with his great sword, inflicting chain lightning upon the enemies. Those unfortunate affected by this dark lightning suffer from great damage and lowered Defense.

  • 13-second base CD
  • Damage dealt: 316.6% (+3.4% DMG per level)
  • Duration: -20.0% DEF for 7.0 sec

As you can see, he brings disruption and defense shred to the battlefield along with tanking hits.

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FAQs on Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build:

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Dark Choco Cookie’s best toppings build:

  • Why is Solid Almond better than Solid Walnut for Dark Choco Cookie?

Solid Almond provides damage resistance which is more valuable for a tank than just raw HP from Solid Walnut. The damage resistance allows him to mitigate more damage from enemy attacks.

  • Should I use Cooldown toppings to reduce his Skill cooldown?

No, reducing his skill cooldown should not be the priority. As a tank, defense, and damage absorption are more important than boosting his damage output with faster skills.

  • What about using Swift Chocolate to make him charge skill faster?

Swift Chocolate can work, but Solid Almond is generally more consistent as it provides defense regardless of his skill status. Swift Chocolate only helps when his skill is charging.

  • Is Full Solid Almond better than a hybrid build?

Yes, full Solid Almond maximizes his specialized role as a tank. Hybrid builds can work but they dilute his tanking capabilities.

  • Can I use Damage Resist substats instead of Solid Almond topping?

You could try getting damage resist substats from other toppings, but Solid Almond provides a large chunk of guaranteed damage resist on its own. This makes building damage resistance much easier.

  • What Position should I place Dark Choco Cookie in?

He should always be placed in the Front position. This allows him to tank hits for the cookies behind him.

  • Do I need to get his topping stats to high levels?

Getting his Solid Almonds to at least level 12 is highly recommended. The damage resist and HP scaling is important for tanking.

  • Can other front cookies replace Dark Choco Cookie?

He is the best frontline tank currently. Other front cookies like Strawberry Crepe have less base HP & defense.

  • Who does Dark Choco Cookie pair well with?

Good partners are healers like Pure Vanilla to keep him healthy and Priestess Cookie to enhance his tanking.

  • Does Dark Choco Cookie need high promotion stars to be a good tank?

Promoting him will further boost his HP & defense but he can still tank decently even at lower stars thanks to Solid Almond.


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To summarize, the recommended best build for Dark Choco Cookie is X5 Solid Almond Toppings. This provides much-needed damage resistance to bolster his capabilities as a frontline tank designed to absorb enemy attacks with the help of Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build.

While other topping builds are possible for different playstyles, Solid Almond is simply the most optimal for a tank like Dark Choco Cookie. It enables him to reliably protect your midline and backline cookies from taking too much damage.


So equip those Solid Almonds and watch Dark Choco turn into an impenetrable damage-soaking fortress in CRK! He will become extremely difficult for enemies to take down.

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