eFootball Pes 2024 Apk + OBB Data Offline for Android [Official]


Football video games allow fans to experience the excitement of the sport uniquely. eFootball PES 2024 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2024) is the latest installment in the popular PES franchise developed by Konami.


With improved graphics, updated rosters and kits, newly licensed teams, and more – PES 2024 promises to deliver an authentic football experience on mobile devices.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to download and install the eFootball Pes 2024 Apk + OBB Data Offline for Android phones and tablets.

eFootball Pes 2024 Apk + OBB Data Offline for Android

eFootball Pes 2024 Apk + OBB Data Offline for Android



We’ll cover what APK and OBB files are, the benefits of using the OBB version, step-by-step installation instructions, as well as top PES 2024 alternatives you can try.

About eFootball PES 2024

eFootball PES 2024 (formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer) is a football simulation video game developed and published by Konami. It builds upon the core gameplay of previous PES titles with improved animations, AI, physics, and graphics.

The game features officially licensed clubs from top leagues around the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga. In total, PES 2024 includes over 4000 playable teams, allowing you to play with your favorite club.

Regarding game modes, PES 2024 offers Exhibition Matches, Co-op, Training, and the fan-favorite Master League where you can manage your custom team. The game emphasizes responsive, skill-based gameplay that rewards creativity and strategy.


What are APK and OBB Data Files?

To understand how to install PES 2024, you first need to understand what APK and OBB files are.

APK File:

  • The APK file contains the core installation files and game data needed to initially set up the app on your Android device.

OBB File:

  • The OBB (Opaque Binary Blob) file contains additional large game data that can’t be included in the APK due to Google Play size restrictions. This includes high-resolution textures, player 3D models, stadium data, commentary audio, etc.
  • The OBB file needs to be downloaded separately and installed along with the APK for the full game experience. Using the OBB file allows you to save storage space on your device while providing the full game.

Benefits of Using PES 2024 OBB File

Here are some of the main benefits of downloading and using the PES 2024 OBB file on your Android device:

  • Play the Full Game Offline: With the OBB file, you get the complete PES 2024 game bundled into a smaller offline installation package. This allows you to play the full PES experience anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.
  • Save Device Storage: By splitting the game data across APK and OBB files, the total storage space required on your Android device is reduced compared to traditional app installations from the Google Play Store. This frees up space for other apps and media.
  • Faster Installation: The OBB file downloads and installs faster than downloading the full 1.5 GB game from Google Play. This improved installation time lets you start playing sooner.
  • Regular Game Updates: Using the OBB file also allows you to easily update PES 2024 to the latest squads, kits, and player stats without a large additional download. Updates typically range from 200-400 MB in size.
  • Customize Your Experience: With the OBB file, you can install gameplay mods, custom uniforms, and additional leagues unavailable in the standard Google Play version. Expand and tailor your PES experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download and Install eFootball Pes 2024 Apk + OBB Data Offline for Android:

Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully download, install, and play PES 2024 on your Android smartphone or tablet:

Step 1) Download PES 2024 APK and OBB Files

  1. Download the PES 2024 APK file from a trusted site like apkpure.com. Make sure you get the latest game version.
  2. Then download the OBB data file from the same site. This will typically be a 1.5 – 2 GB compressed ZIP or RAR file containing the OBB files.

Step 2) Install ZArchiver App

  • ZArchiver is a useful file manager and compression app required to handle OBB files. Search “ZArchiver” on Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Step 3) Extract the OBB ZIP/RAR File

  1. Open ZArchiver and navigate to the OBB file download location on your device storage.
  2. Press the OBB ZIP/RAR file and select “Extract Here”. ZArchiver will extract the compressed OBB folders and files into the current location.

Step 4) Copy the OBB Folder to the Android/OBB Directory

  1. Once extraction completes, look for a folder named “com. Konami. pesxxxx” – where xxxx is the game version number.
  2. Long press this folder and select “Cut”.
  3. Now navigate to the Android > OBB folder on your device storage.
  4. Finally, long-press the space in the destination folder and select “Paste”. This will paste the OBB folder containing PES 2024 data.

Step 5) Install PES 2024 APK

  1. Go back to your device memory or downloads folder and long-press the PES 2024 APK file.
  2. Select “Install” and accept any installation prompts.

The APK will begin installing PES 2024 onto your device.

Step 6) Start and Play PES 2024

You can now open PES 2024 from your device’s app drawer. The game will automatically detect and load the additional OBB file data on the first launch. You can now enjoy playing the full version of PES 2024 offline on your Android!

Top 10 eFootball PES 2024 Alternatives

Here are 10 of the best football games similar to PES 2024 that you can download on Android or iOS devices:

  1. FIFA Soccer – EA’s flagship football series delivers stellar gameplay and licenses.
  2. Football Strike – Freemium arcade-style football game with multiplayer modes.
  3. Score Hero – Engaging football RPG with a unique shooting and goal-scoring mechanic.
  4. Top Eleven 2022 – Manager simulation game focused on tactics and strategy.
  5. Ultimate Football – Fast-paced over-the-top football action featuring unique abilities and skills.
  6. Soccer Super Star – Cartoony casual football game with 1v1 multiplayer battles.
  7. Head Soccer La Liga – This fun arcade-style soccer game features famous La Liga players.
  8. Captain Tsubasa – Dream Team – Anime-inspired football game complete with special shots.
  9. Stick Soccer 2 – 2D physics-based football game packed with customizations and replay value
  10. Soccer Star 2021 – 3v3 multiplayer soccer focused on controls adapted for mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about downloading and installing eFootball PES 2024 using the APK and OBB file method:

  1. Does this installation method work on all Android devices?

Yes, the APK + OBB installation method is compatible with all modern Android smartphones, tablets, Fire TV sticks, and more. As long as your device meets the minimum hardware requirements for running PES 2024 smoothly, you can install it using this method.

  1. Can I play PES 2024 multiplayer with this installed version?

Unfortunately, you cannot play online multiplayer, events or challenges when PES 2024 is installed via this offline method. Only offline exhibition matches and game modes are available. Online connectivity would require the version from Google Play.

  1. How do I update PES 2024 rosters after installation?

You can download roster update OBB files for PES 2024 from websites like soccergaming.com. These roster packs contain the latest player transfers, stats, and kits. Use ZArchiver to replace your existing OBB folder with the updated one to load new rosters in-game.

  1. Will this offline installation get me banned? No, playing PES 2024 installed via the APK + OBB method will not get your device banned as long as you’re not modifying the game files themselves. Downloading free offline game installers is perfectly legal.
  2. How do I fix license issues after installing on Android 11 or higher? Use an app like SAI (Settings Android Info) Restore to provide PES 2024 with the necessary storage access permissions if you face license errors. Grant modify permissions for device storage after installation.
  3. How much storage space does the PES 2024 OBB installation require? You will need approximately 3 GB of free storage space on your Android device for installing the APK file and uncompressed OBB game data. A microSD card can also be used for storage if internal space is limited.
  4. Why does PES 2024 ask to download additional files on startup? If prompted to download extra files on the first boot, there may have been some issue or corruption when extracting the OBB files in Step 3. Try re-downloading the latest OBB file and ensure ZArchiver extracts it properly before attempting to install it again.

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Installing eFootball PES 2024 APK + OBB data file method allows you to play the full-fledged football experience offline on your Android smartphone and tablet.

With the benefits of a smaller installation size, faster downloads, and the ability to customize – this PES 2024 installation option is great for football gaming on the go.

Just be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions covered in this guide to correctly set up the APK + OBB files. This will save you hours of headache trying to troubleshoot issues if improper installation steps are taken.


And with the available alternatives – you have plenty of options to get your football gaming fix even if PES 2024 doesn’t quite cut it for you.

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