Five Nights in Anime 3D APK Download For Android (Fnia 3D 2023)


Five Nights in Anime 3D APK (FNiA 3D) is a fan-made game inspired by the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) horror video game series. It takes the characters and premise of FNAF but gives it an anime twist, focusing on romance and fun rather than horror.


Five Nights in Anime 3D APK

Five Nights in Anime 3D APK


Five Nights in Anime 3D APK is an unofficial fan game not associated with the developers of FNAF. It was created independently by fans as a new take on the FNAF formula.

The game utilizes the familiar settings and animatronic characters from FNAF games but reimagines them in an anime style. Instead of surviving as a nightguard against killer animatronics, players take on the role of an anime protagonist spending the night with cute anthropomorphic anime versions of the animatronics.


Gameplay focuses on keeping the animatronic anime girls entertained and happy through minigames, dialogue options, and other interactive elements. Compared to the survival horror of FNAF, FNiA 3D aims to provide a lighthearted dating sim-style experience.

FNiA 3D was first released as a 2D pixel art style game for PC. The 3D version is a follow-up game bringing enhanced graphics and gameplay options. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what this quirky fan project has to offer.

Gameplay Overview of Five Nights in Anime 3D APK

FNiA 3D is a first-person game where the player accompanies an anime girl around familiar locations from FNAF games like Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The goal is to survive the night by keeping her happy and entertained while avoiding any threats.

Each animatronic girl has her personality that the player must get to know. Paying attention to their moods and dialogues for clues is key. If they get upset, it can trigger jumpscares or hinder progress.


Parts of the restaurant can transform into more sinister versions at night. Players need to navigate the changing surroundings and overcome challenges to make it until 6 AM.

Some of the activities involved include:

  • Dialogue choices when conversing with the girls impact their affection.
  • Mini-games like dance battles increase their enjoyment.
  • Quick time events and skill checks when in dangerous situations.
  • Item collection and gift-giving to make the girls happy.
  • Exploration around the location and story to unlock secrets.

The goal is to get the highest ending by maxing out affection. There are multiple girls to choose from, each with their personalities and storylines to discover.

Key Features of Fnia 3D Apk:

Here are some of the major features that make FNiA 3D a unique entry in FNAF fan games:

  • Anime-Inspired Characters The animatronics are reimagined as cutesy anime girls with distinctive hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. Their designs draw inspiration from popular anime/manga tropes. Fans of anime aesthetics will appreciate the visual style.
  • Customization Options Players can unlock and purchase cosmetic outfits for the girls that change their appearance. Dressing them up in different costumes adds replay value.
  • Lighthearted Tone Unlike the darker horror theme of mainline FNAF games, Five Nights in Anime 3D APK aims for a lighthearted, feel-good tone with its dating sim setup. The focus is on having fun with the girls rather than surviving nightmarish killer robots.
  • Multiple Endings Based on player choices and which girl they pursue, FNiA 3D has various ending sequences. Replayability is encouraged to experience all the story routes.
  • Mini-Games Several mini-games are built in as fun diversions, like rhythm games or competitive activities against the animatronics. These quick activities provide a change of pace.
  • Sequel/Prequel Game FNiA 3D directly follows up the first 2D FNiA game with improved 3D visuals and animations. It continues the story and relationships.
  • Developer Support The solo developer actively works on updates for the game based on fan feedback. The game has gone through multiple content expansions.
  • Game Length With multiple girls to pursue across different nights and endings, players can sink a decent amount of time into completing everything the game has to offer.

Experience Overview of Five Nights in Anime 3D APK:

FNiA 3D makes some key changes to the standard FNAF formula that give the experience its unique flair:

Focus on Romance The jump from horror to romance/comedy creates a very different tone. Player choices directly impact affection levels in dating sim fashion.

Getting the desired ending requires care and attention.

Fanservice Sensibilities

Anime tropes like exaggerated proportions and costumes play into fanservice sensibilities. The developer caters the game to the target niche audience.

  • Greater Interactivity With dialogue choices, mini-games, customization, and multiple story routes, FNiA 3D APK encourages much more interactive participation from players.
  • Lighthearted Humor Comedic writing dialed towards slice-of-life anime provides plenty of light giggles. The overall vibe aims for humor rather than horror.
  • Emphasis on Cuteness From character design to behavioral mannerisms, cuteness is emphasized in the girls’ anime personifications. Their charm is part of the appeal.
  • 3D Visual Presentation The upgraded 3D visuals make the environments and characters pop. Animations are much more dynamic and vivid compared to the original 2D art.

Download Five Nights in Anime 3D APK for Android:

Five Nights in Anime 3D APK is available on GameJolt and Here is the step-by-step process to download:

  1. Go to the FNiA 3D GameJolt or page.
  2. Click the “Download” button on the upper right.
  3. Select your preferred version. PC, Mac, Linux, and Android APK files are available.
  4. Wait for the game file to finish downloading. Don’t open it right away.
  5. Locate the downloaded file and begin the installation process.
  6. Follow any instructions provided. Mobile users should enable installation from unknown sources.
  7. Launch the game after installation!
  8. Adjust settings and customize controls before starting.

The Origins of Five Nights in Anime 3D APK

Five Nights at Freddy’s exploded onto the gaming scene in 2014, conceived and developed solo by indie developer Scott Cawthon. The survival horror game struck a chord with its creepy ambiance, cryptic lore, and a menagerie of sinister animatronic characters.

Among the legions of fans enamored with FNaF was a young student with a passion for programming and anime aesthetics. What if Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and its haunted mascots were reimagined through the lens of anime and manga? Thus, the concept for Five Nights in Anime was born.

Using RPG Maker, the fan developer crafted a 2D pixel art rendition of the FNaF premise infused with an anime flavor. The first FNiA game in 2015 became a cult hit among fans seeking a more lighthearted take on surviving Five Nights. Encouraged by the reception, work soon began on an enhanced 3D follow-up: FNiA 3D.


This marked a major evolution from limited 2D sprites to fully 3D-modeled environments and animatronics. The improved visuals and gameplay additions reflected the solo dev’s passion for bringing their vision to life. Through their creativity and drive, a popular fan spinoff was born.

Developer Insights

FNiA 3D creator “RoflSFX” began working on the game as a hobbyist teen developer experimenting with Unity 3D and 3D modeling programs. Their goal was to translate the concept of a FNaF dating simulator into an interactive 3D anime fantasy for fellow fans.

According to RoflSFX, crafting the lighthearted tone and personalities of the animatronics was the most creatively fulfilling part. They wanted to design distinctive anime archetypes that players could get attached to. The comedic slice-of-life writing stems from their taste in anime.

Fan feedback heavily influenced development. Suggestions for cosmetic outfits, mini-games, and additional characters led to major content expansions. RoflSFX continues updating the game based on fan requests.


They admit being overwhelmed by the popularity, calling it the most rewarding milestone of their hobbyist career. Knowing they helped breathe new life into a beloved franchise motivates them to keep raising the bar.

Evolution of Gameplay

The original point-and-click FNaF centered on surviving limited resources against an onslaught of murderous robots through careful camera monitoring and timed actions. FNiA 3D transplants this formula into a 3D setting with more versatility.

Players cannot be confined to pre-rendered screens but can directly move through and interact within environments for a heightened level of immersion. The shift from fixed jumpscares to avoiding fickle anime girl moods to manage also facilitates more dynamic gameplay.

Turning survival into simulation opens design space for minigames and dialogues. Rhythm button prompts, gift exchanges, costume dress-ups, and relationship-altering choices turn the experience into a light virtual novel. While formidable robots persist, the motivations for engaging with them take on a friendlier tone.


Some FNaF trademarks remain intact, like collecting hidden lore and unmasking secrets. But survival gives way to romance, expanding player agency beyond hiding and watching. The nightly risk is no longer literal death, but metaphorical “heart death” if affection falters.

Art and Visual Style

The Western-inspired pizzeria and mascot designs of FNaF are reimagined through iconic anime and manga styles in FNiA 3D. Tropes like colorful spiky hair, wide emotive eyes, school uniforms, and maid outfits establish the aesthetic.

Inspiration seems drawn from slice-of-life series like K-On! and Lucky Star. The exaggerated cute proportions and bubbly mannerisms align with the lighthearted moe art style. Some edgier themes like yandere tropes also manifest.

By upgrading from static 2D sprites to 3D models, the environment and characters gain more lifelike fidelity. Advanced lighting, textures, and physics refine details from mechanical endoskeletons to flowing anime hair.


Smooth animation blending and detailed effects sell personalities through body language. Coupled with anime voice acting, the visual overhaul brings greater believability to the fantasy.

Role of Fan Games

Fan games explore established fictional worlds through new genres, mechanics, and story perspectives. They offer creators artistic freedom unconstrained by canon.

For players, they provide fresh takes on beloved franchises. FNiA 3D’s romantic anime reimagining of FNaF caters directly to niche fans seeking that specific crossover experience. Its lighter tone also contrasts with the horror focus of the source material.

Legally, most fan games occupy murky territory. Companies must balance protecting IP rights against negative PR stifling creativity. As an unofficial parody project, FNiA 3D toes this line.


Ethically, fan devs should avoid damaging the original IP’s reputation or profitability. RoflSFX’s good-faith passion project aims to complement FNaF rather than compete with or exploit it.

Critical Reception and Impact

Critics praised FNiA 3D’s quality anime production values and fun, inviting premise while acknowledging its niche appeal. Fan reception was more mixed, with some bemused by the genre twist and others embracing it.

FNiA 3D remains a cult favorite among fans, especially those appreciating both horror and anime fandoms. It helped establish dating simulator and mini-game genres within FNaF fan games.

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, RoflSFX’s unique vision demonstrated fan games’ potential to reinvent popular franchises. FNiA 3D’s popularity inspires other devs to create passion projects celebrating games they love.


Its legacy continues through ongoing updates. What began as a hobbyist’s dream has evolved into a hallmark FNaF fan offshoot with a heartfelt personality.

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Fnia 3D Apk offers FNAF fans an amusing new way to enjoy the familiar animatronic cast. With an emphasis on anime-style romance, mini-games, customization, and multiple endings, it incentivizes replayability and participant interaction compared to traditional point-and-click FNAF entries.

While not for everyone, fans of anime aesthetics, lighthearted simulation gameplay, and FNAF lore will find an enjoyable experience. Developed thoughtfully by a solo fan creator, FNiA 3D represents the passion of indie developers.


Its eventual 3D overhaul enhances immersion and opens the doors for continued expansion. The developer continues supporting the game with improvements and new content.

For those seeking a humorously heartwarming take on surviving nights with amorous animatronics, FNiA 3D provides plenty of memorable moments. It may not capture the horror vibe but it succeeds on its charms.

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