Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK for Android Download 3.8.3 Version


Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK is a wacky new anime RPG game for mobile that promises tons of laughs and adventure. As a fan of the Konosuba anime series, I was excited to check out this unofficial parody game and see how it captures the humor and spirit of the original.


The game thrusts you into the role of Kazuma, an unlucky guy who dies and gets transported to a fantasy world. There he meets Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness – three quirky female companions who join his party. If you’ve seen the Konosuba anime, you’ll immediately recognize these characters and their eccentric personalities.

The basic premise has you battling monsters, leveling up your skills, and progressing through humorous story scenarios. But what really makes Konosuba Parody stand out is the writing. The dialog is packed with self-referential jokes, witty banter between characters, and lots of raunchy innuendoes true to the source material.

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK



As an example, early on Kazuma gets into an argument with Aqua about her lackluster abilities as an Archpriest. Their bickering is both funny and in character. There are also plenty of lewd jokes involving Kazuma’s uncontrollable attraction to large breasts, just like in the anime.

The turn-based combat itself is fairly standard mobile RPG fare but made more interesting by the abilities of your wacky crew. Aqua is useless in battle, constantly missing attacks or healing the wrong characters. Meanwhile, Megumin only knows one devastating magic spell that leaves her incapacitated. Half the strategy is working around their eccentricities.

Between story chapters, you can boost stats, acquire better gear, and improve special attacks. There’s decent depth to the character progression and party customization. But the main draw here is the humor and fanservice.

Konosuba Parody really nails the tone and appeal of the source material. The anime-style art looks great. I laughed out loud multiple times at the jokes and self-referential humor. As a fan, this is about as ideal an unofficial parody game as I could hope for.


Key Features of Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK:

  • Humorous Writing – The genuinely funny dialog, gags, and raunchy jokes reference the anime and will make fans laugh.
  • Diverse Quirky Characters – Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and more are captured perfectly. Their abilities and personalities are hilarious.
  • Fanservice Abounds – Just like the anime, expect revealing outfits, risqué humor, and gratuitous breast references.
  • Strategic Turn-Based Combat – Position characters wisely to overcome enemies and bosses. Work around each heroine’s eccentricities.
  • Progression & Customization – Level up, acquire better gear, boost stats, and unlock new abilities for deeper combat strategy.
  • Mobile RPG Presentation – Streamlined mobile gameplay and controls make it easy to pick up and play. Anime-style art pops on mobile screens.

While Konosuba Parody skimps a bit on production values compared to bigger RPGs, it more than delivers where it counts – laugh out loud humor that nails the spirit of Konosuba. This is an easy recommendation for any fan of the anime. Casual RPG players will also find an amusing and strategic experience with surprises around every corner.

Konosuba Parody is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices. It’s a free download with optional in-app purchases. Check it out if you need a good laugh or enjoy the Konosuba sense of humor. You’ll be giggling at Aqua’s dopiness and Megumin’s explosion obsession in no time.

Story & Setting of Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK

Simon404 Konosuba Parody Game APK drops players into the colorful fantasy world straight out of the anime. You take control of unlucky protagonist Kazuma, suddenly transported to this RPG realm after an embarrassing death. There he reluctantly teams up with a trio of dysfunctional heroines who become his party members.

Fans will immediately recognize Aqua the narcissistic archpriest, explosion-obsessed mage Megumin, and masochistic crusader Darkness. Their exaggerated personalities and dysfunctional abilities are a core part of Konosuba’s appeal. The game’s writing stays true to the humor and relationships of the source material.


The actual setting is a chaotic fantasy realm under constant threat of monster attacks. Kazuma and his crew unwillingly become its protectors, battling against menacing Devil Toads, GRAOFONUL Killer Hares, and perverted Minotaurs. Danger lurks around every corner.

Between turn-based battles, the story unfolds through visual novel-style dialog scenes. These offer plenty of laughs as the heroes bicker, get into awkward situations, and move the nonlinear plot forward. Fanservice-filled scenarios will be familiar to viewers of the ecchi anime.

While Konosuba Parody’s original story isn’t as elaborate as the anime’s, it captures the tone and spirit perfectly. The humor hits the mark for this unofficial spin-off, with writing that feels straight out of the show. Fans will grin as Kazuma complains about Aqua’s uselessness or Megumin causes explosions at the worst moments.

Gameplay & Combat of Simon404 Konosuba Parody:

Konosuba Parody features a standard turn-based combat system reminiscent of old-school JRPG battles. You’ll guide Kazuma’s party of dysfunctional heroines in grid-based encounters against wacky fantasy monsters. Each character has their own class, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.


It’s up to you to utilize their skills wisely and position them strategically to win. But their eccentric personalities often undermine your best efforts at strategy. Healing spells may miss or buff the wrong character entirely. Potent attacks leave certain characters incapacitated. Half the challenge is working around their defined inadequacies in humorous ways.

Key elements of the turn-based combat include:

  • Positioning – Place characters strategically on the grid to use their abilities and attacks most effectively. Try to draw enemy aggro and protect more vulnerable party members.
  • Class Abilities – Each heroine has her own set of skills to damage foes or support allies. Their abilities come straight from the anime, so fans will find them very familiar.
  • Limitations – Character quirks undermine your combat efforts in funny ways. Heal spells may fail, attacks backfire, or overpowered moves leave them vulnerable. Adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Special Attacks – Unlock, upgrade, and use signature moves from the anime, like Megumin’s explosive magic. These have cooldown periods that must be managed.
  • Team Synergy – At times you’ll need to use skills in tandem or make sacrifices to set up a winning play. Combat puzzles keep you on your toes.

The combat starts simple but expands as you level up, acquire new equipment, and unlock additional abilities. While not the deepest RPG battles ever, there’s decent variety and challenge here, especially considering the free mobile format.

When you’re not battling baddies, the game has some lightweight town exploration and character progression systems. You can shop for gear, upgrade abilities, boost stats, and manage inventory. Anime-style story cutscenes move the plot forward with lots of jokes and surprises.


Overall the gameplay has enough depth to carry the humorous story scenarios and turn-based battles through the end. The strategic combat is even more engaging thanks to the quirky party members. While it may not convert new fans, Konosuba aficionados will find a fun RPG experience that sticks closely to the source material.

Graphics & Audio inside Simon404 Konosuba Parody Game on Android: 

Konosuba Parody utilizes an anime-inspired visual presentation that looks great, especially on mobile. The 2D characters, monsters, abilities, and environments are vibrant and detailed. Fans will easily recognize beloved characters like Aqua, Megumin, and others in their signature outfits.

Some standout aspects of the graphics include:

  • Anime-Style Art – Characters, monsters, and backgrounds resemble the look of the Konosuba anime. The art style is colorful, polished, and full of personality.
  • Chibi Characters – Your party members appear in cute chibi form on the battlefield and during certain cutscenes for added whimsy.
  • Varied Environments – Battle grids range from forests and dungeons to village exteriors. They capture the fantasy setting nicely.
  • Smooth Animation – Characters move fluidly in combat when attacking or evading. Special moves have flashy effects.
  • Visual Novel Scenes – Story dialog unfolds through vivid character portraits and backgrounds reminiscent of visual novels.

The graphics won’t blow anyone away, but they don’t need to. Konosuba Parody replicates the anime’s look and charm successfully. Battles have enough visual flair to be engaging on mobile screens without cutting into performance.


On the audio front, an orchestral soundtrack matches the fantasy setting with adventurous tunes. Voice acting during cutscenes helps bring characters like Aqua and Megumin to life just as in the anime. Sound cues during combat add intensity when pulling off attacks, taking damage, or executing spectacular abilities.

Again, the audiovisual presentation compares favorably to the source material. Fans should be more than satisfied, especially given the game’s free mobile format. The graphics and audio round out an authentic Konosuba experience.

Additional Features of Konosuba Parody APK:

Konosuba Parody packs quite a bit of content into its free mobile package, including:

  • Multiplayer Co-Op – Join forces with other players online for certain battles and challenges. Team up to take down especially dangerous foes.
  • Daily Quests – Log in each day for rewards and new narrative-driven quests that change regularly.
  • Arena – Put your party’s skills to the test against other players’ teams in this real-time competitive mode. Climb the rankings for prestige.
  • Strong Bosses – Epic clashes with ornery dragons, demon lords, and other imposing baddies provide stiff tests of your combat strategy.
  • Side Quests – Optional challenges provide bonus loot, currency, and other incentives useful for progression.
  • Outfits – Certain story choices or milestones let you unlock costumes and outfits from the anime, including some quite revealing ones.
  • Dating Sim – Bond with party members during interactive dating side stories full of romantic misadventures and racy moments true to the original story.

There’s plenty here to extend gameplay beyond the main story chapters. Side content ranges from relationship building to challenging end-game bosses that require skillful use of your entire party. For a free game, Konosuba Parody over delivers.


One minor complaint is the inclusion of optional in-app purchases for currency bundles, bonus loot, and so on. While none of the IAPs feel required, some players may be turned off. But given the game’s generous free content, this seems like fair monetization for an otherwise premium experience.

Pros and Cons of Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK Game:


  • Hilarious writing stays true to the anime’s tone
  • Quirky party members translated directly from the source material
  • Surprisingly strategic turn-based combat
  • Classic anime visuals and presentation
  • Massive content for a free mobile game


  • Story mode isn’t super long
  • Occasional fan service goes a bit overboard
  • In-app purchases, while optional, are present

Konosuba Parody nails the comedy and appeal of the anime while delivering a solid tactical RPG experience with plenty of replay value. The pros easily outweigh the minor shortcomings for fans of the franchise.


Who Should Download Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK on Android?

Konosuba Parody is designed first and foremost with fans of the anime in mind. It references inside jokes, character relationships, and specific scenes directly from the show. You’ll get the most enjoyment if you’re already familiar with the source material and its humor.

Casual RPG fans will also find a solid game here worth trying for free. The turn-based combat has enough depth to present an enjoyable challenge. But the lack of story context means some jokes will go over newcomers’ heads. This is pony aimed squarely at pre-existing Konosuba devotees.

Beyond fans, Konosuba Parody appeals to players looking for:

  • Hilarious Writing – Laugh out loud dialogue, gags and questionable humor permeate the entire experience.
  • Anime Art Style – Colorful fantasy visuals and charming music bring you into the world of the series.
  • Strategic Combat – Turn-based battles require careful team positioning and ability management.
  • RPG Progression – Level up heroes, acquire better loot and unlock new skills.
  • Generous Free Game – Massive content for zero upfront cost, with optional IAP.

Konosuba fans will almost unanimously agree this unofficial parody game stays true to the anime’s tone and characters. The invested fan base ensures a receptive audience for this legitimately fun tactical RPG.


Should You Download?

If you’re a fan of the Konosuba anime, absolutely give the game a shot to download Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK. It authentically adapts the series’ humor, characters, and sensibilities into an enjoyable mobile RPG.

The gameplay itself is surprisingly solid, with strategic turn-based combat that tests your use of each dysfunctional party member. There are worse ways to spend a few hours than laughing at Kazuma’s misadventures with Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness.

Those unfamiliar with the show may still find an amusing anime-flavored RPG here worth trying for free. But you’ll miss many references and running gags catered directly to fans. At the very least Konosuba Parody is worth a peek for its comedy and production values before deciding if the gameplay hooks you too.

For Konosuba devotees Konosuba Parody is about as ideal an unofficial game as possible. And the tactical combat helps it appeal to RPG fans, in general, looking for their next mobile fix. If you want a hilarious anime adventure to play on the go, look no further.


This hits the mark on delivering a fun fanservice-filled experience.

Konosuba Parody FAQs

  • Q: What is the Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK?

A: It is an unofficial parody RPG mobile game for Android based on the popular anime Konosuba. It features characters, humor, and storylines from the show in a new gaming experience.

  • Q: Is the Konosuba Parody game free to download?

A: Yes, the APK can be downloaded and played for free on Android devices. There are optional in-app purchases available.

  • Q: Does it require the internet to play?

A: No, Konosuba Parody can be played offline once downloaded, except for the online PVP and co-op modes.

  • Q: What RPG gameplay does it include?

A: Players will enjoy turn-based combat, character progression, equipment upgrades, visual novel story sections, and strategic party management.

  • Q: Which characters from the anime appear?

A: Fan favorites like Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness are playable characters. Other Konosuba characters also make appearances.

  • Q: Is the game appropriate for kids?

A: No, Konosuba Parody includes mature language, sexual humor, and fanservice content directly from the ecchi anime source material.

  • Q: How much RPG content is in the game?

A: There is a 10+ hour main story campaign, side quests, end-game content, PVP arena, and co-op multiplayer for extensive gameplay.

  • Q: How does the gameplay compare to the actual Konosuba anime?

A: The parody game stays faithful to the tone, characters, humor, and appeal of the anime with new interactive storylines.

  • Q: Is Konosuba Parody available on iOS too?

A: Currently the game is only available for Android. An iOS version may come later based on demand.

  • Q: Where can I download the Konosuba Parody APK?

A: The free APK can be downloaded directly from the official Simon404 website or popular mobile gaming APK distribution sites.

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In closing, Konosuba fans owe it to themselves to check out this impressive fan-made parody game. It’s clear the developers have immense love for the source material and hit the mark translating the anime’s humor, relationships, and appeal into an interactive experience.

Between excellent writing and strategic turn-based combat, Konosuba Parody delivers one of the most authentic and fun unofficial adaptations possible. The fact that it’s free only lowers the barrier to entry for fans.

While the main story isn’t overly long, side content like co-op, PVP arena battles, and dating keeps things entertaining for hours on end. Konosuba Parody also nails the anime’s visual presentation with vibrant graphics and audio that pop off the screen.


For a free mobile title, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more comprehensive fan game out there. If you have even a passing enjoyment of the Konosuba anime, do yourself a favor and download Simon404’s parody RPG for Android today. It’s a humorous adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

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