The Forbidden Land is a new location that awaits all World of Warcraft players in the Dragonflight update.


Since the add-on has been out for a long time, many players have already gained access to the necessary content, and beginners will have to hurry up to get to level 60 to sail to the Dragon Islands and start exploring new content and the patch.

What is the Forbidden Land Location in World of Warcraft?

Forbidden Land Location in World of Warcraft


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How to access the Forbidden Land?

After entering the world of Azeroth after the release of a new patch for the Dragonflight update, a new task will immediately become available to you – The Hidden Legacy.


You need to travel to the capital city of the Dragon Isles and speak with Kurazidia at the Throne of the Aspects. There you will receive a task to the Forbidden Land and all that remains is to find a flight distributor and hit the road.

What to Get in the Forbidden Land?

Since the Dragonflight update has received a patch and World of Warcraft has acquired new lands, traditionally you can earn a lot of new and interesting items as a reward in them, not to mention experience and research.

What You Can Get:

  • Zker Vaults – new dungeons where you can get an onyx ring with an increased stamina parameter and three additional sockets for inserting stones, gold, and cosmetic items.
  • New improvements for tamed dragons – you can get 8 new skins, master two aerobatics on them, and take part in a new activity – dragon riding.
  • If you hunt and spend time in the Forbidden Land, then you are guaranteed to get armor blanks of 385 power level and with the help of Unknown Forbidden Knowledge, you can increase their level to 395. The blanks are common to all characters on the account.
  • Once in a random period of time, an elemental storm will hit the Forbidden Land, during which you can get elemental energy – consumable items that are needed to exchange for resources and user equipment in the capital of the Dragon Isles.

Forbidden Land

Zker Vaults

This is a new dungeon that will be unique for each hero. You are waiting for a lot of rooms with random content – behind the doors, there may be monsters, chests of gold, or a puzzle with an unpredictable outcome. To open the doors, you need special keys that you have to buy or knock out in the process – one door, one key.


Achievements are associated with the dungeon and the location itself is not limited in time or entry, but you need to be in time before the weekly restart.

The main goal of the entire dungeon is to get the Onyx Ring.

The ring will be an ideal piece of equipment for most characters due to a high increase in stamina – an important parameter for health indicators and resistance to negative effects, and the ability to insert three additional stones with any characteristics that will be useful for your hero.

Morkuth Village in the Forbidden Land

In the Dragonflight update, there is a new village that all explorers of the Forbidden Land in World of Warcraft will want to visit – Morkut Village.


Here is the Draktyr base and many useful NPCs, namely:

  • Ham’urit – helps to work with the Onyx ring, extract stones, or vice versa, to mount an improvement in it.
  • The Death Researcher will help you with any upgrades related to equipment and weapons.
  • Mithressa exchanges storm energy for various items and upgrades found blanks of equipment items 385 strength to 395.

If you have a high level of trust with the draktyr faction, then you should contact Quartermaster Treisha – she has many useful goods that can be purchased for various resources.

Draktir Fraction envoys in World of Warcraft

After completing the Wings of Mercy quest, you will have access to faction quests from two different messengers of the Draktir race.

You will daily choose tasks from one of the fractions and for completing them you will receive various rewards and decorations and an increase in fame among representatives of the chosen path.


From time to time, the envoys will offer you additional tasks with a reward in the form of elemental energy for trading among representatives of the Draktir fraction.

From the curious – a lot of the goods that you will buy, exchange, or receive as a reward are random items.

Chests, or sacks with random contents. Often there will be boosters inside, or amplifiers for the Zker storage – keys to open doors, projections of various famous NPCs in the world of WoW, just for decoration, and elemental energy for trading with local NPCs.

Important Clarifications

To comfortably go through the Zker vaults, you need a lot of corresponding keys and one of the ways to get them is to search for chests with a reward.


Such chests appear every half an hour on the game map guarded by elite monsters.

It will not be easy to defeat such opponents, but as a reward, you can also get Zker keys and unique forbidden knowledge from them, which are needed to enhance the found equipment blanks obtained in the forbidden lands.

Pay close attention to the icons on the mini-map and memorize them. All important monsters and reward locations are now displayed through the UI, making it easy for players to find them, especially if you track the respawn time with a timer.

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