Have you recently gotten a credit card offer in the mail from Capital One? If so, it may have come with a special invitation to visit www GetMyOffer CapitalOne com and enter a reservation number and access code to view pre-approved promotions personalized just for you! I know – these mailers can sometimes seem a little suspicious or too good to be true.


But Capital One’s GetMyOffer website is a legitimate portal that gives quick access to special deals, discounted rates, and bonus rewards tailored based on your credit and financial profile.

I should clarify – these pre-screened offers don’t necessarily guarantee approval. But using your unique verification codes allows you to conveniently finish an application for Capital One credit cards you have been identified as a great candidate for based on your individual data and credit history.

The handy thing is that streamlines submitting required information and checks your decision status in one online destination using the reservation number and access codes provided in your mailer.


So if you’ve received a pre-approved offer letter in your mailbox (and who doesn’t like finding a good deal waiting inside!), I’d recommend hopping online to check it out.

Make sure to have that reservation number and access code handy to view any exclusive rates and upfront bonuses Capital One may have reserved just for you! Read on and I’ll explain step-by-step how the easy process works.

www GetMyOffer CapitalOne com Enter Reservation Number and Access Code

Advertisements is a portal where Capital One credit card holders can access special deals and offers if they have received a pre-approved offer in the mail.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on how works, its key features and benefits, eligibility criteria, a step-by-step process to enter your reservation number and access code, pros and cons, FAQs, and contact information.

Whether you recently received a Capital One offer in the mail or are simply curious to learn more, read on to uncover everything you need to know about

About is an online portal owned and operated by Capital One, one of the largest US banks and credit card issuers. It allows customers who have received pre-approved credit card offers from Capital One to view and redeem those offers by entering their unique reservation number and access code.

The reservation number and access code are provided in the offer letter sent by mail. They serve as verification codes to protect each customer’s pre-approved offer. Once logged into, users can complete the application process and get access to special rates, rewards programs, and other benefits associated with that particular Capital One credit card offer.


Benefits of

There are several key benefits to using the portal, including:

  • Access special rates and rewards: Pre-approved offers often come with preferential interest rates, 0% intro APR periods, and boosted incentives or rewards points not available to the general public.
  • Complete applications easily: allows you to finish applying and submit required information all in one place for a streamlined process.
  • Check personalized offers: See credit card products tailored specifically to your credit profile and needs. Offers are pre-screened using your individual data.
  • Safe and secure site: uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your personal information.

Features of

Some key features available on the portal include:

  • Login using reservation number and access code: Uniquely assigned 16-digit reservation number and 6-digit access code provided in your mailer for secure access.
  • View pre-approved offers: See APRs, credit limits, and special discounts personalized for your application.
  • Complete application: Submit any other required info to finish applying and send for final approval.
  • Check application status: Track updates on whether you have been approved, or denied, or if more information is needed from you.
  • Secure site: 128-bit SSL encryption and constant security monitoring help keep your data safe.
  • Receive the decision via email: Once the bank finishes reviewing, you get an instant email letting you know if you have been approved. Eligible Criteria

To qualify for Capital One offers via the portal, there are a few basic eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a US resident over the age of 18.
  • You need to maintain good credit – offers require a clean history without major issues.
  • You must have received a pre-approved mailer from Capital One with your unique reservation number and access code included inside.

If you did not receive a mailer but still want to check for offers, you can visit Capital One’s website directly and click the pre-qualified offers link. This allows you to see if you have any special deals waiting without an official offer code.


How to Enter Reservation Number and Access Code at

How to Enter Reservation Number and Access Code at

If you have received a pre-approved Capital One credit card offer in the mail, follow this simple step-by-step process to redeem it via the portal:

  1. Visit click here for the official Get My Offer Website.
  2. Locate and enter your 16-digit reservation number in the provided field. This long number is printed on your offer letter.
  3. Next, input your 6-digit access code, also found on your mailer, into the correct box.
  4. Double check that you have accurately typed in both numbers and then click the “View Next Steps” button.
  5. Proceed through the application questions, providing any other requested information about income, employment, etc.
  6. Carefully review the final terms and conditions and submit your application.
  7. You will receive an instant email notification on whether you have been approved or denied for the offer.

This process allows quick and easy access to your Capital One pre-approved promotions using the verification reservation number and access code unique to your mailer. Be sure to enter the code carefully and follow all prompts to finish applying.

Pros and Cons of

As with most products, there are both advantages and potential downsides to using the portal for Capital One credit card offers:



  • Immediate access to personalized pre-approved offers.
  • Simplified application process using your reservation number.
  • Check status and decision updates conveniently online.
  • Special discounted rates and bonus rewards.
  • Secure 128-bit SSL encrypted site.


  • Pre-screened offers still depend on the final application review.
  • Must have received a physical mailer with your verification codes.
  • Actual approval is not guaranteed until the full assessment.
  • Not compatible with general promotional offers – only for pre-approvals.

While pre-qualified Capital One offers via come with nice perks and discounted incentives, they are not the same as guaranteed approval. Make sure you still carefully submit the full application to ensure you meet any final qualifications.

List of Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One issues a variety of popular credit cards for consumers to choose from across different categories. Some of their top credit card products include:

  • Cashback Cards:
    • Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card
    • SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Travel Rewards Cards:
    • Venture Rewards Credit Card
    • VentureOne Rewards Credit Card
  • Premium Travel Cards:
    • Venture X Rewards Credit Card
    • Capital One Spark Miles Cards
  • Business Cards:
    • Spark Cash Card
    • Spark Miles Card
    • Spark Classic Card
  • Secured & Starter Cards:
    • Platinum Secured Credit Card
    • QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Check your pre-approved offer letter to see which specific Capital One credit card and benefits you have been pre-qualified for. Registration Number and Contact Encryption

To access personalized Capital One credit card offers on the portal, users must enter two key verification codes:

Reservation Number:

  • 16-digit code
  • Printed clearly on your offer letter
  • Unique identifier to access your pre-approved promotions

Access Code:

  • 6-digit code
  • Also visible on mailer
  • Used along with reservation # for security

Together, these make up your registration number and contact encryption to securely log into your account. Both are required to proceed with viewing and redeeming the tailored offers you have received.

If you have issues locating either code on your letter, you can contact Capital One directly for assistance accessing any pre-approved promotions.

How do I Access Suggestions from’s GetmyOffer?

If you’ve received a pre-screened offer from Capital One and want to view it and apply via, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Find your 16-digit reservation number printed on the offer letter and enter it into the correct field.
  3. Locate the 6-digit access code also provided in the letter and type it into the box labeled access code.
  4. Verify you have entered both codes properly and select the “View Next Steps” button.
  5. Continue through the application, providing any other details Capital One requires to finish processing your request.

This allows quick and secure access to the pre-approved promotions you received using the unique reservation number and access code assigned to you. Make sure to enter both carefully for proper authentication.


Is’s Getmyoffer a Cheat or Legit? offers from Capital One are 100% legitimate and not a scam. Capital One is an established and reputable bank with millions of customers across North America.

They only send pre-approved offers in the mail to those who qualify based on creditworthiness. The portal then allows easy access to view and redeem those official promotion offers using your reservation number and access code as verification.

While customers do have to finish submitting the full application (and approval is not fully guaranteed until then), pre-screened offers come from Capital One’s valid review of your credit and history information.

As long as you provide your valid reservation number and access code from the mailer you received, you can securely access real Capital One credit card promotions through the legitimate site.


FAQs on

  • 1. What is is an online portal from Capital One Bank that allows customers with pre-approved credit card offers to view promotion details and finish applying using their reservation # and access code.

  • 2. How do I access Capital One offers from

Visit, enter the reservation number and access code found in your offer letter, and proceed through the prompts to view pre-approved promotions personalized for you.

  • 3. Do I need a reservation number and access code?

Yes, to authenticate approved offers and securely apply, you need to enter the unique 16-digit reservation number and 6-digit access code provided in your mailer.

  • 4. What if I lost my Capital One offer letter?

If you misplaced your letter with the reservation number/access code, call their customer service line directly to inquire about any pre-screened promotions you may qualify for.

  • 5. How do I know my pre-approved offer is legitimate?

As long as your offer came directly from Capital One and you use your official reservation #/access code, offers shown on are valid and secure.

  • 6. What credit cards does Capital One offer?

Popular Capital One cards include the Venture, Quicksilver, Savor, and Spark credit card brands with various rewards rates, fees, and bonus opportunities.

  • 7. Is safe to use?

Yes, the site uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data security and is certified legitimate by Capital One to access personalized offers requiring your reservation number/access code.

  • 8. Will I get approved?

While pre-approved, final approval is pending full application review. Most applicants are accepted but some may be denied based on other application factors.

  • 9. How can I check the status of my application?

Your application decision (approved, denied, pending review) is sent via email shortly after applying through the portal using your codes.

  • 10. Who is eligible for pre-approved offers?

You must be a US resident over 18 with sufficient credit history/scores. Eligibility is determined by Capital One via pre-screening evaluation of applicant data. Contact Information

If you need assistance or have any questions about Capital One credit card offers, pre-qualified promotions, your reservation number/access code, or the portal, you can contact their customer service department through the following methods:

  • Phone: 1-800-227-4825
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Capital One Bank PO Box 30285 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0285



In summary, allows quick access to special credit card offers from Capital One if you have received pre-approved promotion mail. Enter your 16-digit reservation number and 6-digit access code to securely view and redeem customized incentives and introductory bonuses.

The portal provides a streamlined application process along with checking your status. While offers still depend on final approval, pre-screening means you have been identified as a well-qualified applicant using official bank protocols.

Use to conveniently access and leverage your personal pre-approved Capital One promotions today!

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