Best Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2024


Have you ever felt the urge to sneak a peek at someone’s Instagram story, but didn’t want them to know you looked? We’ve all been there. Getting caught checking out an ex’s vacation pics or a crush’s late night shenanigans can be awkward, to say the least.


That’s where anonymous Instagram story viewer tools come in handy. These nifty apps and browser extensions allow you to lurk on stories 100% incognito, without leaving a trace that you ever stopped by. Pretty slick, right?

Best Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2024

Best Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the top-rated anonymous Instagram story savers and viewers to use in 2023 across platforms:


Note*: These are third-party tools, and there’s no way to make sure these are completely risk-free to use with Instagram. So, use these tools with caution.*

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Benefits of Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Before jumping into the tools, let’s look at why you’d want to use them in the first place:

  • Stalk without getting caught – The #1 reason people use these apps is to peek at stories without showing up on someone’s viewer list and raising questions.
  • View expired and deleted stories – Some tools let you look back at old stories even after they’ve disappeared from Instagram. Perfect for reminiscing!
  • Download stories to your device – Many anonymous viewers allow you to save others’ stories, memes, videos, etc. to your phone or computer.
  • No Instagram account needed – You typically don’t have to connect your actual Instagram profile to use these third-party apps. No personal data is shared with shady companies.
  • 100% free to use – Most anonymous story viewers don’t cost anything to download and use. Only some advanced features require premium plans.

Now let’s explore the highest-rated Instagram story stalker tools to use this year across platforms.


Best Instagram Story Viewer Apps for Mobile

When it comes to stalking anonymously on the go, these mobile apps impressed us the most:

1. BlindStory [Android & iOS]


Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: Free + Premium ($3.99/month)


BlindStory offers simple anonymous Instagram story viewing. Just log in with your account to see recent stories from people you follow. Tap any one to view it without the other person finding out.

We especially love the “Favorites” feature. You can bookmark certain Instagram accounts as Favorites. Whenever they post new stories, BlindStory will notify you so you never miss an update from your top people.

  • The free version gives you 15 free anonymous views per day. For unlimited lurking, downloads, and other benefits, you need to upgrade to their premium plan.


  • Very simple and intuitive interface
  • Get notifications when favorite accounts post stories


  • The app can be buggy at times
  • Limited functionality with free version

2. Story Saver

Story Saver

Platform: Android

Price: Free

As the name suggests, Story Saver lets you download and anonymously view other people’s Instagram stories. But wait, there’s more it can do:

  • View Instagram feed anonymously
  • Copy captions from Instagram posts
  • Download photos/videos posted on Instagram
  • Repost your own edited stories after downloading

We found Story Saver to be one of the most stable and feature-packed Android apps for stalking stories in incognito mode while also saving Instagram content. It strikes a great balance between ease of use and utility.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easy sorting/finding stories
  • Great download quality


  • App crashes occasionally
  • No iOS version is available

3. Ghostify



Platforms: Android, iOS, Chrome

Price: Free trial + Premium ($2.99/month)

Ghostify is an incredibly versatile anonymous Instagram story viewer that works fantastically as a mobile app as well as a Chrome extension. It couldn’t be simpler to enable anonymous mode in the app – just one tap does the trick.

Some highlights:

  • View 15+ stories during a 1-day free trial
  • Switch to Android Chrome extension for easy access
  • Very snappy performance

For unlimited anonymous use after the trial, you need to upgrade to their premium plan. Overall, Ghostify is one of the smoothest mobile and desktop story stalkers you’ll come across.


  • Mobile app + browser extension combo
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Very fast-loading stories


  • Just a 1-day free trial
  • Payment is required after the trial ends

Best Instagram Story Viewers for PC

Want to download and lurk on stories from the comfort of your Windows or Mac desktop? Check out these Instagram assistant tools for desktop:


1. Qoob


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free + Premium ($7/month)

Qoob is an extremely versatile Instagram manager that offers anonymous story viewing as one of its many slick features. It can do a lot more than just help you be an incognito creeper:

  • Download stories, photos, videos
  • View private profiles (premium)
  • Export posts, captions, hashtags, etc.
  • Schedule Instagram posts
  • Analyze Instagram growth metrics

With so many capabilities packed into one app, Qoob is easily among the most powerful Instagram story viewer and downloader tools for desktop users.


  • A very powerful range of features
  • Fast performance
  • 200 daily video downloads in the free version


  • Paywall for some key features
  • Steep learning curve

2. InstaNavigation



Platform: Web

Price: Free

Unlike other desktop programs, InstaNavigation is completely web-based. No need to download anything extra. Just visit their site and you can:

  • View public stories and posts
  • See account stats and analytics
  • Download content

Although it only works with public profiles, InstaNavigation stands out for its super clean, easy-to-use interface optimized for desktop browsers. And the best part – it’s 100% free!



  • No software downloads are necessary
  • Simple web interface
  • Handy Instagram analytics


  • Limited to public profiles
  • Can feel slow at times

3. Dumpor


Platform: Web


Price: Free

Dumpor markets itself primarily as an Instagram downloading tool, but it also allows you to seamlessly view stories without leaving a trace. Just search any public Instagram profile and tap on Stories to watch them incognito!

Additionally, Dumpor shows you top comments on posts and delivers account statistics like follower count, engagement rate, etc. We especially appreciate how fast and responsive it feels to use.


  • Very quick load times
  • Clean, ad-free interface
  • No login required


  • Public profiles only
  • Fewer features compared to desktop apps

Best Instagram Story Viewer Browser Extensions

For stalking anonymously on your desktop Chrome browser, extensions provide the most convenient option:



Price: Free


StoriesHub is a wonderfully simple, one-click Chrome extension offering anonymous Instagram story viewing and downloading. Key highlights:

  • Download unlimited stories
  • Save live streams
  • Dark mode
  • Zero limits or paid subscription

It takes mere seconds to set up StoriesHub. Just add it to Chrome and flip the switch on when you want to lurk without leaving any evidence behind. That’s it!

Overall, StoriesHub is hands-down the best Chrome extension out there for quick, unlimited anonymous story peeking from your desktop.


  • Extremely simple to enable
  • Excellent download quality
  • No caps on downloads


  • Less powerful than full desktop apps

Things to Remember While Using Anonymous Story Viewers

Here are some crucial points to keep in mind while using these tools responsibly:

  • Be ethical – Don’t misuse anonymous viewing to stalk or harass strangers. Limit it to people you know personally.
  • Private profiles don’t work – You can only view stories from public Instagram accounts. Private profiles have restrictions.
  • Practice moderation – Don’t get addicted to stalking others anonymously for hours on end. Set healthy limits.
  • Tools may stop working suddenly – Instagram updates its policies frequently. A viewer that works today could get blocked tomorrow.
  • Paid plans add more value – To unlock the full potential of these apps, premium plans are your best bet. They ensure better performance and access to the latest features.

FAQs about Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Have lingering questions about safely and responsibly using these handy tools? We’ve got you covered!

  • Q1. Can Instagram notify someone if I view their story anonymously?

A: Nope! The entire purpose of these tools is to let you secretly watch stories without the other person ever discovering your viewing activity. As long as you use the viewers properly, your lurking remains hidden from Instagram and account owners.

  • Q2. Do I need to log into my Instagram to use anonymous story viewers?

A: Most online anonymous story viewers don’t require you to connect your actual Instagram profile at all. However, a handful of apps may ask you to log in simply to access additional features. This login is entirely separate from your main Instagram app login.

  • Q3. Can I get into legal trouble for anonymous Instagram viewing?

A: Highly doubtful, as long as you focus on people you know personally and don’t harass strangers. These tools are intentionally designed to be discreet and low-key. Instagram’s terms don’t explicitly prohibit them.

  • Q4. What should I do if an anonymous viewer stops working suddenly?

A: First, try clearing the cache/data for the app or reinstall it freshly. For website viewers, switch browsers or reset browser data. If problems continue for too long, uninstall and switch to another functional viewer app. New ones are launching all the time.

  • Q5. Is using anonymous Instagram viewers safe?

A: For the most part – yes. We’ve personally used many of these highest rated tools without security issues. Sticking to reputed apps with tons of active users and solid ratings keeps your risk low. Using unique passwords doesn’t hurt either!

  • Q6. Can I recover expired or deleted Instagram stories to view?

A: It depends. Some paid anonymous story downloading tools claim they can retrieve deleted stories. But because Instagram erases stories from its servers too, this is not a surefire method. Your best bet is to proactively download stories you care about instead of relying on being able to access expired ones later.

  • Q7. Why can’t I view private Instagram profiles anonymously?

A: Instagram explicitly prohibits third-party apps from accessing private accounts without approval from the owner. So anonymous viewers simply cannot bypass permissions to let you creep on private profiles, unfortunately! Public profiles still work fine though.

  • Q8. Is using an anonymous Instagram story viewer illegal?

A: Legal experts largely agree simply viewing public Instagram info isn’t illegal per se. Problems crop up if you download content posted by others without permission or use it commercially. As always, better safe than sorry – be extremely judicious using these tools.

  • Q9. Can I get malware or viruses from Instagram story stalker apps?

A: Downloading files from the internet inherently carries some malware risk. But the anonymous viewer tools we’ve spotlighted seem trustworthy and safe, judging by countless reassuring user reviews. Periodic scans with antivirus software provide extra assurance.

  • Q10. What are some alternatives to anonymous viewers?

Some other options you can try include:

  • Create a dummy throwaway Instagram account only for anonymous viewing, then abandon it later.
  • Get a trustworthy friend to check out stories and dish the dirt to you! Simple and effective.
  • Upload bait stories with specific text to see if certain people view them, gauging their interest.
  • Physically look over your pal’s shoulder as they browse stories. Analog but it works!


Phew, I don’t know about you, dear reader, but after extensively researching anonymous Instagram story viewers for this guide, I sure feel equipped with plenty of new stealthy tools for some incognito lurking!

The ability to quietly keep tabs on your friends, crushes, celebs, and pretty much anyone on Instagram is incredibly alluring. Whether you want to admire their lavish vacations or ensure you haven’t become the subject of gossip, these handy apps make it possible while covering your digital tracks.


Just remember not to get carried away watching strangers’ stories who don’t know you IRL. And certainly don’t use these tools to stalk or harass – that would be unethical and illegal.

I hope you have fun safely exploring the top-rated anonymous Instagram story viewer apps and extensions listed here according to thousands of real user reviews! Did I miss out on any other really solid ones worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!

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