Top Documentaries of 2023 to Enjoy this Weekend


Movies and seasons are not the only way of entertainment on lazy weekends, documentaries can be equally entertaining. And the plus point is that apart from being entertaining, these can also be very informative. We present you with a list of some of the top documentaries of 2023 that you can indulge in. 


Top Documentaries of 2023 to Enjoy this Weekend

Top Documentaries of 2023


So, make a checklist of everything you need before putting the documentary on. This includes a cozy sitting space, lots of snacks, a cup of coffee, and the best internet connection like Mediacom Internet for uninterrupted streaming.

We have recommended this because it provides the best speed and stable connection at amazingly low rates. Now with all sorted, it’s time to take our word for the documentaries that we’re about to suggest below.


List of Top Documentaries of 2023

This is your ultimate list of documentaries that have been released in 2023 up till now that will set your mood for what others are coming this year.

  • 32 Sounds

With a banging rating of 8.4/10 on IMDB and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, 32 Sounds is a must-watch. Released on April 28, 2023, it’s an immersive documentary, which means that the viewer is asked to interact at times.

As the documentary is all about sounds and audio, the viewer is asked multiple times like to close their eyes and imagine things while there is sound in the background. 

In the review, Variety said that the documentary takes us deep into the human experience of listening which most of us take for granted.


Filmmaker and Director of 32 Sounds, Sam Green, inspired by the ‘Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould’ came up with this unique concept of the documentary. You can watch this amazing and interactive documentary on Netflix.

  • The Price of Glee

Glee became one of the most popular shows when it was released in 2009. Not just the show, the former unknown stars of the show became the most popular celebrities of the first decade of the twenty-first century.

It remained like this even after the show ended after its sixth season in 2015. The docuseries The Price of Glee explores the hidden aspects of the show and a curse that took over. 

In 2013 when the Glee star Cory Monteith died, the show was given fresh attention as to what was happening on the set.


There were several reports of actors’ feuds and unhealthy work routines as actors seldom took breaks from shooting. But the docuseries giving it a twist of the curse was not very welcomed by the fans and former cast.

  • Girl in the Picture

This one is for all the true crime documentaries fans out there; Girl in the Picture is from the director of ‘Dead Asleep’ and ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’, Skye Borgman.

This is an investigative-style documentary in which a woman dies on the roadside. She has left behind a son and a man who claims that he is not her husband. 

The woman is Sharron Mitchell and there is more to her story than what appears to be. We are also introduced to a man called Franklin Floyd who kidnapped her, raised her, and then eventually married her.


He did all of this to fulfill his twisted means. He was also successful in concealing his identity and evading the law for years. Girl in the Picture is available to be watched on Netflix.

  • Judy Blume Forever

This documentary is going to take the watcher down a very nostalgic memory lane. It will feel like you’re still flipping through the pages of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”, “Superfudge” and “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”.

For a long time, readers, especially young ones weren’t allowed to read her work (too superficial and liberal). 

So this documentary Judy Blume Forever is a sweet introduction to the writer and feels like a warm smile, just the way Judy greets her readers in a local bookshop.


The documentary, apart from following her journey as a writer, takes the watcher down to the nervous childhood that shaped the writer inside of her.

  • The Elephant Whisperers

At the 95th Academy Awards, The Elephant Whisperers won the award for Best Documentary Short Film. This forty minutes long short film is about an indigenous South-Indian couple who take the responsibility to take care of an orphan elephant, Raghu. The kind of bond that develops between Raghu and the couple has several lessons for all of us. 

The top lesson is that humans coexist with animals peacefully all while caring for the planet. And that it is the main responsibility that lies on the shoulders of humans and not the animals.

The documentary has a very subtle emotional touch that will keep the viewer indulged the whole time. If you want to, you can watch The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix.


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This brings us to the end of our list of some amazing and top documentaries of 2023. The range of ideas that these documentaries have is enough to keep you going through the weekend.

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