BHTwitter IPA for Twitter to Install on iPhone [2023]


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, used by millions of people to connect and share ideas. However, the default Twitter app can feel restrictive at times. That’s where BHTwitter IPA comes in.


BHTwitter IPA

BHTwitter IPA


BHTwitter IPA is an app that unlocks extra features and customization options for Twitter, giving you more control over your experience.

What is BHTwitter IPA?

BHTwitter started out as a “jailbreak tweak”, meaning it modified the Twitter app for people who jailbroke their iPhones. Jailbreaking removes Apple’s restrictions on iPhones, allowing users to deeply customize their devices.


The original BHTwitter tweak added all sorts of power-user features to Twitter, like removing ads, opening links in Safari, and enabling an “undo tweet” function.

These days, BHTwitter exists as an app outside of the App Store. You can download it directly as an IPA file and sideload it using a computer. This allows you to install BHTwitter even without a jailbreak.

The app replicates all of the great features from the original jailbreak tweak.

Once installed, BHTwitter neatly integrates into the Twitter app. You’ll find a new “BHTwitter Settings” menu on Twitter’s Settings page. From here, you can toggle on or off the various features offered by the app.


It’s a seamless way to customize Twitter to your liking.

Key Features of BHTwitter IPA

Here are some of the most useful features unlocked by BHTwitter:

  • Remove Ads: If you don’t have a Twitter Blue subscription, BHTwitter lets you remove all ads from the timeline and other parts of the app. Say goodbye to promoted tweets and suggested follows.
  • Undo Tweet: Accidentally tweet something embarrassing? BHTwitter lets you undo tweets and retract them after posting. Something Twitter’s own paid Blue service doesn’t even offer.
  • Open Links in Safari: When you tap links in the Twitter app, they open an in-app browser. BHTwitter gives you the option to open all links directly in Safari for a better browsing experience.
  • Reader Mode: Enable this to format article links into a clean, distraction-free reader view. It makes reading long-form content on Twitter much more enjoyable.
  • Customize Tab Bar Icons: Tired of the same old Twitter tab icons? BHTwitter lets you change the Home, Explore, Notifications, and Messages icons to something more visually appealing.
  • Hide “Who To Follow”: If you find the “Who to Follow” recommendations annoying, BHTwitter allows you to remove them from sight. You can also hide “Topics You Might Like”.
  • Video Downloads: Add a button to easily save videos right from the Twitter app. No more needing third-party downloaders.
  • FLEX Debugger: This feature enables an advanced debugging toolkit for exploring the Twitter app’s internal workings. Useful for developers or extremely curious users.

In addition to all of the above, BHTwitter contains several more niche preferences to control different aspects of the Twitter experience. For example, you can force images to display in higher quality, disable live video captions, change the tweet font, and more. There are tons of ways to tailor Twitter exactly how you like it.

The possibilities are extensive. BHTwitter essentially unlocks Twitter features that many users have long been requesting. And the best part is it’s completely free.


How To Get BHTwitter IPA for iPhone?

Since BHTwitter isn’t an official App Store release, you’ll need to download and install it through alternative methods. Here are a few options:

  • Sideload the IPA File: This involves downloading the BHTwitter IPA file to your computer and then using a sideloading app like Sideloadly to install it on your iPhone. Sideloading allows you to bypass the App Store restrictions. Once the app is installed, head to Settings > General > Device Management to trust the developer certificate.
  • Use TrollStore: TrollStore is a new method of sideloading apps without a computer. After installing TrollStore on your iOS device, you can download IPAs directly within the TrollStore app. Many find this more convenient than connecting to a computer.
  • Jailbreak Tweak (with Jailbreak): If your iPhone is already jailbroken, you can add the Havoc or BigBoss repository and install BHTwitter iOS 15 IPA as a regular Cydia tweak. This integrates it seamlessly into the Twitter app.

No matter which install method you choose, using BHTwitter is a great way to take control of your Twitter experience. You can rid the app of annoying ads, enable power-user features, and customize the look and feel.

If you ever decide to uninstall it, your Twitter app reverts back to its original state. So there’s no risk in giving BHTwitter iOS 16 IPA a try! Take back your Twitter app and make it work the way you want with this free unlock tool.

The Origins and Development of BHTwitter

BHTwitter iOS 17 IPA has an interesting backstory. It was originally created in 2020 by two developers named Bandar Helal and Bee. Their goal was to build an optimal Twitter client, with all the features users wished for but never received.


Rather than start from scratch, Bandar and Bee decided to enhance the existing Twitter app via jailbreak tweaks. This allowed BHTwitter to integrate tightly with Twitter’s codebase. Early versions of the tweak proved incredibly popular among the jailbreak community and were installed nearly one million times.

Initially, BHTwitter was only available as a downloadable DEB package for jailbroken devices. To install it, users had to add a custom repository and install it through Cydia or other package managers. This made the process smooth for tech-savvy jailbreakers.

As BHTwitter gained traction, Bandar and Bee worked to bring it to non-jailbroken devices as well. They converted the tweak’s code to work as a standalone iOS app. This allowed it to be sideloaded and installed by anyone, no jailbreak required.

Today, the BHTwitter IPA can be freely downloaded and sideloaded using services like Sideloadly. Bandar and Bee keep the app regularly updated with support for new iOS versions and Twitter client updates. They add new features and improvements constantly based on user feedback.


The developers utilize a variety of programming languages to build BHTwitter, including Objective-C, Logos, and Swift. By open-sourcing the code on GitHub, they’ve allowed the community to inspect BHTwitter and even contribute their own improvements via pull requests.

Overall, BHTwitter represents an impressive achievement in iOS app development. Bandar and Bee successfully managed to augment and enhance the existing Twitter app in ways that even Twitter itself has not.

What started out as a jailbreak hack has evolved into a robust app enjoyed by thousands of users across multiple platforms. It’s a testament to the creativity of the iOS developer community.

Why You Should Install BHTwitter App on iPhone?

It’s easy to see why BHTwitter has become so popular among Twitter aficionados. Here are just some of the reasons people love using it:

  • Unlocks exclusive power user features not possible in the regular Twitter app, like downloading videos and undoing tweets. This extra functionality is highly valuable.
  • Removes annoying ads from the timeline and other parts of the app, providing a cleaner experience. This is something Twitter charges money for via Blue.
  • Allows deep customization of the interface with themes, icons, layout changes, and more. Supercharges your ability to personalize.
  • Provides quality-of-life improvements like reader mode for articles and opening links externally. Small touches that add up to a smoother overall experience.
  • Gives more control over the algorithmic timeline, such as removing “Who To Follow” suggestions and irrelevant topics. Cleans up the noise.
  • Offers a huge level of additional configuration through granular settings. You can tweak tiny details.
  • Installs as a seamless extension to the stock Twitter app thanks to its origin as a jailbreak tweak. Feels native.
  • Completely free and open source. All features are unlockable without any ads, subscriptions, or payments.

For power users frustrated with the walled-garden limitations of the App Store Twitter client, BHTwitter is a dream come true. It successfully unlocks the full potential of Twitter on iOS.

The Future of BHTwitter App [X]

BHTwitter has come a long way from its early days as an underground jailbreak hack. Today, it enjoys a thriving community of users who sideload the IPA file onto their iPhones and iPads. With regular updates and new features added all the time, the app’s future looks bright.

The BHTwitter developers have expressed interest in expanding the app to support other platforms like Android and the web. While iOS will likely remain the priority, bringing the BHTwitter experience to more users could be beneficial.

There is also room for potential collaboration between BHTwitter and other popular third-party Twitter clients. For instance, integrating BHTwitter’s features into clients like Tweetbot or Twitterrific could be interesting.


Of course, the elephant in the room is always whether Twitter will crack down on apps like BHTwitter that augment its own clients. So far there have been no issues, but that remains a risk, especially if BHTwitter gains more mainstream traction.

Assuming Twitter leaves it alone, we can expect BHTwitter to continue thriving as an essential unlocking tool for iOS Twitter users. The app has already overcome the obstacle of transitioning from jailbreak tweak to sideloadable IPA. The future is bright for BHTwitter to keep refining the ultimate Twitter client.

How To Use BHTwitter IPA on iPhone?

Installing BHTwitter is the easy part. Actually using it to improve your Twitter experience takes a bit more knowledge. Here are some tips on making the most of BHTwitter after you get it loaded onto your device:

  • Dive into the BHTwitter Settings menu and explore what features are available. Toggle different options and see their effect. Getting familiar with all the possibilities is key.
  • Consider creating a Twitter list for following developers and power BHTwitter users. Their tips can teach you new ways to optimize the app. Learning from pros is helpful.
  • Check the app after every major iOS or Twitter update. New versions sometimes break features until BHTwitter is updated. Turning off certain options temporarily can help.
  • Don’t go too crazy customizing all at once. Change a few settings at a time and test how they impact your usage. Small iterative changes tend to work better than radical overhauls.
  • Sync your BHTwitter settings across devices using a cloud backup service. This allows you to easily transfer your optimized setup when installing on new devices.
  • Give feedback to the BHTwitter developers on features you’d like added or issues you encounter via their GitHub page. User suggestions often inspire useful new updates.
  • Explore integrating BHTwitter with other power-user apps like BetterTweetDeck for Mac. Combining tools can allow even deeper customization and control over your entire Twitter experience.

While BHTwitter provides the tools, you choose how to use them. Learn the app deeply, move slowly, sync settings across devices, give feedback, and use BHTwitter as part of a larger power-user toolset. Follow these tips to maximize its potential.


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Bottom Line

BHTwitter IPA delivers something truly special – a way to customize Twitter on iOS beyond the limits imposed by Apple. Unlocking exclusive features, removing annoyances, and taking control over your entire Twitter experience is invaluable.

This app represents the hard work of determined developers who saw limitations and decided to shatter them. Thanks to their efforts, Tweeters on iOS can now enjoy the most flexible and versatile Twitter client possible.


So if you’re eager to transform your Twitter app, ditch the restrictions of the walled garden, and unlock the true potential of Tweeting from your iPhone, look no further than BHTwitter. Install it today and see the magic for yourself!

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