New Arrival of Latest HUAWEI WATCH Buds Earphones 2023


Huawei features are always so strong that catch all of your attention and make head turns over in crowded places.


Huawei launched new noise canceling headphones wireless earbuds and some wearables at the start of 2023 in the UK. People are buying these earbuds and headphones hand to hand.

You will love all the features of these earbuds because you can listen to calls and music even in crowded places. We have tested its various features and every feature has given extraordinary results.

New Arrival of Latest HUAWEI WATCH Buds Earphones 2023

New Arrival of Latest HUAWEI WATCH Buds Earphones 2023



HUAWEI WATCH Buds is also the latest Huawei earbuds, recently launched in January 2023. Let’s discuss its features in detail below:

The Appearance of HUAWEI WATCH Buds:

Appearance of Earbud 5i

First, we must talk about its amazing color theme. The two opposite colors are available in these earbuds i.e, black and white. We got another color here, which is blue and is the prettiest color and people love it more than the other two colors. 

Next comes its finishing, which is too smooth to handle. The look is so lovely and the appearance looks like an amazing pebble. That was all about the appearance of the charging case. Next comes its features.

  • Earbuds Dimension:

First, we will talk about the per-head dimensions of the earbud. The height of the single earbud is 30.9 mm, its Width is 21.7 mm, its Depth is 23.9 mm, and Weighs about only 4.9 g ± 0.2 g, without the charging case. 

With the charging case, the Height is 48.2 mm, Width is 61.8 mm, the Depth is 26.9 mm, and the Weight is about 33.9 g ± 1.0 g, per earbud. 

  • USB-C Port:

The back side of the charging case is flat so it won’t wobble around on flat surfaces. You get a button on one side to reset the earbuds and the other side provides you with a USB-C port.

The charging is also long-lasting and you can listen to music for several hours with a single charge. In case it takes 60 minutes to charge fully and wired charging takes up to 100 minutes.


The charging is long-lasting as we said earlier, but it also depends upon the volume you are listening to music at. Well, the charging has a glossy look and shiny appearance. One Good thing about this case is that it is fairly fingerprint resistant. 

We will tell you about its charging capacity which is 55 mAh (min) per head and 410 mAh (min) with a charging case. 

  • Playtime:

Longer the playtime, more the enjoyment we get. With a single charge, you can use earbuds for 6.0 hours if ANC is enabled.

The 7.5 hours is a good playtime with ANC disabled. The music playtime is 18.5 hours without a charging case if ANC is enabled. And finally, with the charging case, the playback time is 28 hours with ANC disabled.

  • Water Resistant:

You can go to the gym and have longer exercise while wearing these earbuds and they won’t get their internal parts disturbed because of the IP54 water-resistant capacity. 

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Final words:

Out of many noise canceling headphones and wireless earbuds, we have loved these earbuds a lot.


The features have been discussed in detail above.

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