Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Paying in 2024


Can you make $100 a day just by playing games or taking surveys on your phone? I used to think those “get paid to” apps were a bunch of baloney, but lately, I’ve been hearing about people making decent money from them! My buddy Kevin pulls in extra spending cash from a few apps he has on his iPhone.


And just yesterday, I was reading online about a lady who makes $400 a month just testing out new apps and sharing her opinion. I gotta say, earning some easy money by tapping around on my phone sure beats working overtime or getting a second job.

I decided I needed to get in on this action. Let me break down these genius apps that will pay you $100 per day without any catches in 2024!

Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Paying in 2024

Apps That Pay $100 A Day



Why You Should Download Apps That Pay $100 a Day?

Here are some excellent reasons to try out apps that pay you real money to play games:

  • Make Extra Cash On The Go – Instead of just playing games for fun, you can earn up to $100 daily with the right gaming apps. This provides a flexible way to supplement your income.
  • Requires Little Time Commitment – Most game apps only require 5-10 minutes of play per day to start accumulating cash rewards. Easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Variety of Game Genres Available – Whether you like trivia, puzzles, casino games, or sports betting, you’ll find money-making smartphone games to match your interests.
  • Prizes and Rewards To Be Won – Beyond earning cash, some gaming apps also offer the chance to win huge prizes like cars, vacations, and electronics for high performers.
  • Have Fun While Making Money – It beats boring online surveys. Play entertaining games and get paid for it!

Top 25 Apps That Pay $100 a Day in 2024

Here are the top 25 highest paying game apps for making $100 daily playing mobile games in 2024:

  • 1. Mistplay (Android)

Mistplay rewards users with gift cards for playing all kinds of games on their app. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, which can then be redeemed for rewards.

  • Benefits: Earn $3 – $5 per hour playing games you already love to play. New games are added frequently.
  • Payout Method: Gift cards (Visa, Amazon, etc). Cash-out with as little as $10 earned.
  • Platform: Android

  • 2. Lucktastic (Android, iOS)

This free app offers daily scratch card games, token-earning opportunities via ads and surveys, and frequent cash prize drawings. It’s an easy, luck-based way to earn.

  • Benefits: Token collecting and frequent chances to win free cash pots worth $1 – $100+. Instant withdrawal options.
  • Payout Method: Daily drawings, Paypal, Venmo
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 3. Long Game (Android, iOS)

Long Game incentivizes financial responsibility by paying users to save money. The interest you earn also lets you play games to win cash prizes.

  • Benefits: Up to $1 million+ in weekly cash prize drawings just for saving. Interest-earning savings account.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw cash winnings or accumulated savings to your bank.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 4. Solitaire Cube (Android, iOS)

Play this classic game reinvented with quick single-player modes, head-to-head multiplayer challenges, and big cash tournaments.

  • Benefits: Fun solo and competitive play. Tournaments offer jackpots up to $1,500.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw to Paypal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 5. Swagbucks LIVE (Android, iOS)

By playing live trivia game shows daily via the Swagbucks app, you can earn virtual currency (“SB”) redeemable for cash and gift cards.

  • Benefits: Entertaining daily live trivia pays 300 SB per game. $5 cash out minimum.
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Visa, Amazon, and Walmart gift cards. Virtual SB currency cashes out to cash.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 6. PrizePicks (Android, iOS)

PrizePicks allows you to create fantasy teams for real cash prizes across many sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, and more.

  • Benefits: Easily build 2, 3, or 5-player fantasy teams nightly. Average winning payouts $100+. HTTPS secure.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw winnings to PayPal or a bank account.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 7. Jackpocket (Android, iOS)

Jackpocket conveniently allows you to order official state lottery tickets via an app. If you win, prizes up to $600 get deposited directly into your account.

  • Benefits: Lock in state lottery orders online. Win real cash instantly, up to $600 deposited to your Jackpocket balance if you hit.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw winnings to the bank or use Jackpocket wallet funds to purchase more tickets.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 8. Pool Payday (Android, iOS)

This unique billiards/pool game hybrid pays you cash rewards when you successfully sink shot attempts. The better you play, the more you earn.

  • Benefits: Cash out via Paypal starting at $20 earned. Fun gameplay, free practice mode.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 9. SWAGO (Android, iOS)

SWAGO is a special in-app event offered each month by Swagbucks. Spin a virtual “SWAGO” board to earn cash bonuses worth up to $200 per month.

  • Benefits: Free to play virtual board game pays guaranteed cash bonuses each month, up to $200. Cash out any amount.
  • Payout Method: Paypal, gift cards
  • Platform: Android, iOS via the Swagbucks app

  • 10. Bananatic (Web Browser)

Members get paid to beta test and review new online games in development. The more games you rate, the more “Bananas” (virtual currency) you earn.

  • Benefits: Flexible, work-from-home opportunity. Cash-out via PayPal starting at 70 Bananas earned.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Platform: Web browser

  • 11. Blackout Bingo (Android, iOS)

One of the highest paying real cash bingo apps. Play fast-paced, addicting bingo rounds and win big money if you complete all spaces first.

  • Benefits: $100+ cash prizes per round, play up to 6 cards simultaneously to increase winning chances.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw to PayPal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 12. Gamesville (Web Browser)

This classic web-based platform offers free online games, paid contests, and cash tournaments across genres including puzzles, casino games, trivia and more.

  • Benefits: Redeem website currency (“GV Rewards”) for real cash. $5 minimum payout.
  • Payout Method: Check/Direct deposit
  • Platform: Web browser

  • 13. Skillz (Android, iOS)

With games across genres like solitaire, bubble shooter, pool, and more, Skillz allows you to enter paid competitions to win cash. The platform has paid out nearly $100 million total in prize money to date.

  • Benefits: Wide variety of quickplay games available with cash tournaments starting at just a $0.25 entry fee for potentially big payouts.
  • Payout Method: Withdraw winnings via PayPal, bank transfer, or virtual prepaid Visa.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 14. WorldWinner (Web Browser)

Offers both free and paid online games across popular genres like Spades, Pool, Bubble Popper and many more with cash jackpots paid out nightly.

  • Benefits: Winnight jackpots frequently hit $10K+. Choose free or paid games. Cash-out via check/ACH starting at 50 won.
  • Payout Method: Check, direct deposit
  • Platform: Web browser

  • 15. Lucktastic (Android, iOS)

Play scratchers, take daily surveys, and enter drawings for free with Lucktastic. Some cash rewards and scratchers pay instantly.

  • Benefits: Instant cash rewards, and frequent contest drawings for $5-$25 prizes paid daily via Venmo or Paypal. Very easy to earn.
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Venmo
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 16. Solitaire Grand Harvest (Android, iOS)

One of the best solitaire game apps pays cash for tournament wins, slot machine mini games, and more. Appealing gameplay and harvesting garden theme.

  • Benefits: $5 guaranteed cash tournaments held regularly. Play mini games to win coins and gem harvesting plant more coins with bee hives.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 17. Givling Trivia (Android, iOS)

The unique app pays cash rewards for answering daily trivia questions while also funding student loan and mortgage debt payouts. Get paid to play and help others.

  • Benefits: Trivia pays queue points used for cash drawings. Chance to win a portion of a daily $50K debt payoff grant.
  • Payout Method: Cash rewards are paid via Dwolla
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 18. Hangtime (Android, iOS)

The unique basketball-themed game lets you bet on your ability to make shots for cash rewards with in-app currency.

  • Benefits: Bet on your basketball skills for a chance to earn money with each shot. Virtual currency earnings can be cashed out through PayPal.
  • Payout Method: PayPal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 19. Long Game (Android, iOS)

Get paid daily interest and receive coins to play games for even more cash rewards when you open an FDIC-insured savings account via the Long Game app.

  • Benefits: Every dollar saved earns interest plus coins for games paying over $250K+ weekly. $100 minimum cashout.
  • Payout Method: Cash out savings + winnings to the bank
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 20. Total Trivia (Android, iOS)

Flexible trivia app pays instantly via Paypal when you win randomly scheduled cash jackpots from correctly answering questions.

  • Benefits: Instant cash payouts when you win random jackpots ranging from $1 – $100+. Questions span many topics.
  • Payout Method: Instantly cash out jackpot wins under $500 via Paypal
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 21. Lucky Day (Android, iOS)

Scratch daily lottery tickets for free to reveal cash prizes worth $1 – $5,000+. Frequent jackpots up to $10,000+

  • Benefits: Good chances at winning, cash prizes require no investment beyond app download. Instantly withdraw winnings under $50 to Paypal.
  • Payout Method: Paypal for payouts under $50. Check for bigger wins.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 22. WinMoneyApp (Android, iOS)

The easy money-making app pays instantly via Paypal when you claim your daily $0.30 bonus and earn more cash from scratchers, surveys, videos, and games.

  • Benefits: Good payout reliability. Cash-out instantly once you hit $1+. Win up to $10K from frequent drawings.
  • Payout Method: Instant Paypal cash out available
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 23. Quickthoughts (Android, iOS)

Get paid to complete short surveys with cash rewards paid quickly via Apple or Google Play credits, even for partially completed surveys.

  • Benefits: Easy to earn steady cash for basic opinion sharing. $1 minimum payout, high payment reliability.
  • Payout Method: Apple Pay, Google Play credits
  • Platform: Android, iOS

  • 24. Slidejoy (Android)

Earn cash rewards just for swiping left or right to unlock your Android device via the Slidejoy app. $1 minimum payout.

  • Benefits: Passive earning by adding an app to your unlock screen. $1 – $5+ monthly estimated income.
  • Payout Method: Paypal, gift cards
  • Platform: Android

  • 25. AppKarma (Android, iOS)

The free app rewards your daily active device usage with points to exchange for gift cards. $10 minimum cash out.

  • Benefits: Earn daily just for having an app installed on your device — no games or videos required. Over 100 gift card options.
  • Payout Method: Amazon, Starbucks, various gift card rewards
  • Platform: Android, iOS

Are Apps That Pay $100 a Day Reliable for Earning Cash?

In general, we recommend sticking to apps published by reputable companies with a good history of paying users timely and processing cashouts with minimal headaches.


The most reliable money-earning apps for cash payments up to $100 daily typically offer small winner drawings, guaranteed jackpots, and giveaways requiring just an app download or minor daily activity to qualify.

Games of skill can generate nice side incomes but require honing abilities over time. Luck-based apps offer better instant income potential for those hoping to earn $100 quickly.

Be sure to compare ratings, read reviews, and check for complaints before investing significant time into any money-making app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are there apps that pay $100 a day?

A: Yes, money-making game apps can result in daily payouts worth $50, $100 or more either via guaranteed prizes, frequent jackpots/drawings, cash tournaments with big payouts or loyalty rewards programs. However, reliable earnings require being savvy about which apps you choose.

  • Q: What game pays instantly?

A: Jackpocket pays lottery winners instantly up to $600. Lucktastic, Luck Day, Prize Picks, WinMoneyApp, and Total Trivia also offer quick cash outs within minutes via PayPal when you score winnings.

  • Q: What pays $1000 a day?

A: Very few legitimate opportunities pay $1000 cash daily outside of huge tournament jackpots, but consistently making $100+ daily is feasible on certain apps via drawings, guaranteed contests, and loyalty programs.

  • Q: Can I really win PayPal money instantly?

A: Yes, many game apps now offer instant withdrawal of cash winnings to your PayPal balance once you hit the minimum payout threshold (usually around $1 – $20). This includes apps like Lucktastic, Win Money App, Long Game, and Lucky Day. However, verify legitimacy before sharing financial account info.

  • Q: How do I get free money right now?

A: Your best bet is to download a free app offering signup bonuses like Long Game, Mistplay, or Lucktastic and complete the initial requirements to earn a small free cash reward instantly. To get free money with no catches, opt for an easy survey via Quickthoughts which pays minutes after completion.

  • Q: What apps pay $5 a day?

A: Lucktastic, Mistplay, Long Game, Quickthoughts, and Slidejoy will reliably pay average users at least $5 daily just for using the app as intended — playing games, testing apps, taking surveys, and more.

  • Q: What games can I play to earn $100 a day?

A: Solitaire Cube, prize pool tournaments on Skillz, guaranteed contests at World Winner, Bananatic’s game testing gigs, sports betting via Prize Picks, and paid gaming tournaments at Gamesville are some of the highest paying skill game avenues with big daily cash earnings potential.

  • Q: How much money can I win on Lucktastic?

There’s no cap on potential winnings with Lucktastic. Their scratch games and frequent cash prize contests offer the chance to win free money ranging from just $1 up to jackpots worth $10,000+. You can then withdraw your total winnings.

  • Q: What is the best game to win money?

A: Games that consistently pay due to guaranteed jackpots, frequent drawings, cash tournaments with big prize pools, or one-on-one wager competitions are your best bet. Games like Solitaire Cube, total Trivia, Lucktastic, Long Game, and Skillz offer nice winning potential across both skill & luck-based formats.


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Conclusion: Game On and Get Paid

Gaming apps make earning extra spending cash more fun than getting a second job. With so many apps now paying cash rewards — whether via loyalty programs, contests, guaranteed jackpots, or tournaments – both casual and serious mobile gamers can profit from their playtime.

The apps highlighted here present reliable opportunities to consistently earn sums like $50 – $100+ daily. Just be sure to compare legitimacy and cash-out ease before investing significant time.


Why grind away precious leisure time on games that only pay in virtual coins or stardust when you can play Skillz pool, Solitaire Cube, and Jackpocket lotteries for cold hard cash instead?

Game on and let the money start rolling in! The 25 apps we covered help shift the odds of scoring earnings in your favor.

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