Com Sec Unifiedwfc – What is it? Do You Need It?


Com Sec Unifiedwfc is a service provided by Samsung on their Android phones to enable Wi-Fi calling capabilities. It allows users to make calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of using the cellular network. This can improve call quality and save on cellular data usage.


However, like any software service, Com Sec Unifiedwfc is not without its issues. Some users have reported problems like random crashing of the app or inability to connect calls.

Com Sec Unifiedwfc

Com Sec Unifiedwfc


This article will provide an in-depth understanding of what Com Sec Unifiedwfc is, the common issues users face, what causes them, and how to potentially fix them.


What is Com Sec Unifiedwfc?

  • Com Sec Unifiedwfc is the package name for Samsung’s Wi-Fi Calling feature in their Android phones.
  • The name breaks down as:
    • Com – Stands for Samsung Communications
    • Sec – Stands for Security and encryption used in calls
    • Unifiedwfc – Stands for Unified Wi-Fi Calling
  • This service allows users to make and receive calls over any Wi-Fi network instead of using the cellular network.
  • Calls via Com Sec Unifiedwfc route over the internet, providing higher call quality and reliability compared to cellular networks.
  • Users don’t need to pay extra charges as Wi-Fi calling is covered under regular internet plans.

In short, Com Sec Unifiedwfc delivers enhanced calling functionality by using Wi-Fi internet instead of cellular networks.

Is Com Sec Unifiedwfc Malware?

Since Com Sec Unifiedwfc is an official Samsung service, users can rest assured it is not malware or a scam.

As it is deeply integrated with the phone’s calling functions, it requires high-level permissions. This has led some overzealous anti-virus apps to incorrectly flag it as malware.

If for any reason you wish to stop using Com Sec Unifiedwfc, you can simply disable Wi-Fi calling in the phone settings. This will completely stop the background app and services from functioning.


Common Issues Faced with Com Sec Unifiedwfc

While Com Sec Unifiedwfc delivers improved calling functionality, some users have reported facing issues like:

  • Random crashing – The app unexpectedly stops with no error message.
  • Failure to connect calls – Outgoing calls get stuck trying to connect.
  • Call drops – Ongoing calls abruptly disconnect without reason.

These issues can be frustrating as they prevent users from making calls. Thankfully, there are some troubleshooting steps that can be taken to resolve them.

What Causes These Issues?

Based on user reports, a few key reasons have been identified that likely cause the calling issues:

  • Outdated software – The Android OS or Com Sec app itself may not be updated.
  • Unstable internet – Poor Wi-Fi connection leading to call interruptions.
  • Cache problems – Too much cached data crashes the app.

Let’s analyze these factors a bit deeper:


Outdated Software

  • Com Sec Unifiedwfc relies on the latest software to run smoothly.
  • If the Android OS is outdated, new app features may not work properly.
  • Similarly, if the Com Sec app has pending updates, bugs could be present.
  • Using outdated systems can lead to crashes and call failures.

Unstable Internet

  • Stable internet is vital for Wi-Fi calling to function.
  • Weak Wi-Fi networks or fluctuating cellular data cause call drops.
  • Switching between Wi-Fi and cellular can also disrupt calls.
  • Lack of internet bandwidth will prevent calls from connecting.

Cache Problems

  • Too much cached data can overload the app over time.
  • This leads to crashing and call failures after extended use.
  • Cache clearing reverts the app to stable defaults.

Fixing Issues with Com Sec Unifiedwfc

The good news is that with some effort, the common Com Sec Unifiedwfc issues can be resolved. Try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Update Software

  • Update Android OS – Bug fixes improve functionality
  • Update Com Sec App – Resolves app-specific glitches


  1. Go to Settings > System updates
  2. Install available OS and security updates
  3. In Play Store, check Com Sec Unifiedwfc for updates
  4. Tap Update to install fixes

2. Restart Device

  • A simple restart clears background processes and memory
  • Resets Com Sec app and services to default


  1. Power off the phone completely
  2. Power on the phone after 30 seconds
  3. Check if issues are resolved after restart

3. Ensure Stable Internet

  • Wi-Fi calling requires consistent internet access
  • Check cellular data or Wi-Fi signal strength


  1. Disable Wi-Fi and cellular data
  2. Re-enable each one at a time
  3. Test if calls connect properly over each network individually
  4. This verifies if one of the connections has issues

4. Clear Cache

  • Flushing cache data may resolve crashing issues
  • Cache build-up can also prevent calls from going through


  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Com Sec Unifiedwfc
  2. Tap Storage > Clear Cache
  3. Check if clearing the cache has fixed the crashing issues

5. Factory Reset (Last Resort)

  • Wipes phone completely to original defaults
  • Should only be done if all other steps don’t work


  1. Back up data before resetting!
  2. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options
  3. Tap Erase All Data > Reset
  4. Test Com Sec after phone restarts

Preventing the Recurrence of Issues

Apart from troubleshooting steps to resolve current issues, you can also take preventive measures:

  • Install OS and security updates promptly
  • Don’t postpone Com Sec Unifiedwfc updates
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi network is sufficiently fast and stable
  • Set app to auto-clear cache every 2-3 days
  • Turn off Com Sec Unifiedwfc when not using Wi-Fi calling

Following these best practices will minimize the chances of the app facing problems.


Other Common Android App Issues

While we’ve covered Com Sec Unifiedwfc in detail, users face similar app issues on Android in general:

  • Battery drain – Background apps consuming excessive battery.
  • Heating issues – Intensive apps like gaming cause overheating.
  • Storage full errors – Too many apps, media, and cache filling up space.
  • Notifications – Apps sending too many unnecessary notifications.
  • Location errors – Certain apps won’t work without location access.

These annoyances can also be fixed with some effort. Common solutions include:

  • Force closing battery hogging apps.
  • Deleting unused apps and files.
  • Granting required permissions to apps.
  • Disabling notifications for annoying apps.
  • Using cleaner apps to optimize phone.

Staying on top of app issues is key to having the best Android experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries related to Com Sec Unifiedwfc:

  • Q1. What is the purpose of Com Sec Unifiedwfc?

A1. It enables Wi-Fi calling on Samsung phones to deliver higher quality calls over the internet instead of spotty cellular networks.

  • Q2. Can it be considered malware or spam?

A2. No, as an official Samsung service integral to their devices, it is completely legitimate.

  • Q3. What kind of problems do people face with it?

A3. Random crashing, inability to connect calls, and call drops are some common issues seen.

  • Q4. How to determine the cause of issues with it?

A4. Updating software, checking internet stability, and clearing the cache are good starting troubleshooting steps.

  • Q5. Is a factory reset required if other fixes don’t work?

A5. Factory reset wipes the phone completely so should only be done as a last resort after backup.

  • Q6. Does disabling Wi-Fi calling remove the app?

A6. It stops the background services, but uninstalling the app fully requires root access.

  • Q7. What are some preventive measures users can take?

A7. Prompt updates, strong Wi-Fi networks, and auto cache clearing help avoid issues.

  • Q8. What kind of issues require Android OS updates?

A8. An outdated OS can cause battery drain, lagging performance, app crashes, and errors in general.

  • Q9. How can app-related heating issues be mitigated?

A9. By force closing intensive apps after use, using phone casings with cooling, and not using phones while charging.

  • Q10. Should cleaner apps be used to optimize Android phones?

A10. Reputable cleaner apps help reclaim storage, clear junk files, and save battery but shady ones should be avoided.

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Com Sec Unifiedwfc aims to offer enhanced calling functionality on Samsung devices by utilizing Wi-Fi networks seamlessly. However, some users face troubles like crashing, call failures, or drops.

Luckily, by updating software, ensuring internet stability, fixing cache problems, and even factory resetting if necessary, these issues can be resolved. Following app best practices can also prevent the recurrence of problems.

With some dedicated troubleshooting efforts, you can continue enjoying superior call quality over Wi-Fi using the Com Sec Unifiedwfc service.

Leveraging this will allow maximizing cellular data savings without compromising on-call connectivity.


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