com samsung android app spage an application package used by DAV on Samsung android phones. Samsung DAV also known as Bixby home has always been under the radar for poor performance and design placement.


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Com Samsung Android App Spage

Com Samsung Android App Spage


What is Com Samsung Android App Spage App?

Com Samsung Android is a system application that’s found mainly on Samsung android phones. The system package is a major component of the virtual assistant, Bixby. Without it, Bixby voice search, the Bixby Home app, or BixbyButtons won’t receive any commands. 


Can Com Spage App Make Your Phone Slow?

Yes, it may slow your phone down, it works alongside your phone’s virtual assistant, which means it will be using up many resources at a time. This results in a lot of battery power being consumed.

The only way around this would be to disable or even uninstall the application from your phone.

How Can You Fix the Com Samsung Android App Has Stopped Working Error?

  • Force Restart Samsung Smartphone

If the issue’s due to an isolated glitch, force-restarting your Samsung Galaxy device might help. Essentially, this would shut down all the processes that are running. don’t worry you won’t lose any important data. 

Here’s what you do:


You have to press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until you see the Android logo appear.

  • Update Your Android Operating System

Updating your Android operating system is the right way to deal with a bug. If you haven’t updated your OS in a while, then the system might bug out.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Click on About Phone > System
  • Tap the available firmware file

How Can You Disable the Com Samsung Android Spage Application?

Here’s what you have to do to disable the Com Samsung Android Spage Application:

  • Launch Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Scroll down until you see the digital virtual assistant package
  • Tap it
  • Click Disable

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