Text Mail Subscriber – What is it?


A text mail subscriber is a user who has subscribed to receive the emails in text mode. It contains only characters instead of graphics, images, and Videos.


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What is a Text Mail Subscriber?

Text Mail Subscriber


Quick Overview on Text Mail Subscriber

Users who are subscribed to receive the emails in form of texts are called text mail subscribers. 


A text mail subscriber is also referred to as a person who is using the internet to place calls and not from mobile phones.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail?

Text mail subscriber is a service that lets the subscriber receive the mail in a simple text format instead of any standard MIME. The messages are mainly sent to the email address but it only contains plain text and no other rich content.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

You may hear some people have been abusing the service, and the term text mail subscriber is a scam. You might have received a call from some anonymous number convincing you of some free stuff or winning a lottery. Such are scams and you better stay safe from them.

These people use text mail subscriber numbers to call you to forge to trap you into a scam, as it is hard to track these calls.


How to Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

It is not easy to track text mail subscribers but there are several methods you can use but there is no suitable method to track back the subscriber’s call or message.

  • Use search engines like google and search for the number to see if the number is mentioned across the internet.
  • Text back to convince them to reveal their identity.
  • Use Google reverse images to search for the screenshot of the messenger.
  • Use reverse phone number lookup tools to know the location of the identity.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber Message and How can you identify whether a text is a scam?

Text mail messages are the text that is sent to your mobile number that contains rich text. Such text is easy to identify as most of them are marked as the brand name instead of the standard 10-digit number.

Here are a few measures you can take to identify if the message is a scam or not:

  • Look for the sender’s name of the message. A branded message is usually sent by brand name and you can identify them by just looking at them.
  • Read the text carefully to see if the text in the message is hard to believe.
  • If the text is asking about bank details or credit card numbers then it’s a scam.

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