CoolPixel iPA iOS 17 Download 2024


We are in 2024 and iOS devices are more powerful than ever, running the brand new iOS 17 operating system. This opens up possibilities for even more advanced and full-featured apps that take advantage of the improved hardware and software capabilities. One app that truly stands out on iOS 17 is CoolPixel iPA – the ultimate screen recording powerhouse now compatible with the latest iPhones and iPads.


CoolPixel has been completely redesigned and optimized specifically for iOS 17, bringing a host of new features and upgrades that cement its status as the most powerful screen recording and video editing suite available on iPhone and iPad. Gorgeous 1080p 240fps recording, multi-source audio mixing, AirPlay streaming support, external display capture, cloud syncing integration and so much more – CoolPixel almost feels like an unlimited video toolbox in your pocket.

And the best part is that getting set up takes just a minute thanks to direct install options and full iOS 17 compatibility from day one.

In this guide, we’ll explore all the new features of CoolPixel in 2024 plus steps to download on your iPhone or iPad running the cutting-edge iOS 17 upgrade. Let’s dive in and unlock cooler video potential than ever before with the all-new CoolPixel iPA for iOS 17.


CoolPixel iPA iOS 17 Download 2024

CoolPixel iPA


Let’s start by taking a closer look at what sets CoolPixel apart as a top iOS screen capture utility.

What is CoolPixel iPA and How Does It Work?

CoolPixel iPA is an iOS screen recording app that allows you to easily capture high-quality videos of your iPhone or iPad display. It works by temporarily accessing elevated permissions to record visuals from your screen, as well as system and app audio.

The recordings are then saved locally on your device’s storage. You can choose to save them to your Photos app, share them via messaging/email, or even upload them to video sharing sites.


Some key capabilities of CoolPixel iPA include:

  • Full HD 1080p video recording – Capture crystal clear footage up to 60fps
  • System audio and mic recording – Record audio from your device as well as voiceovers
  • One-click screenshots – Instantly save screenshots with a simple tap
  • Draw and annotate over videos – Easily highlight areas or add text
  • No jailbreak required – Works on any standard iOS device running v9.0 and above

So in essence, CoolPixel gives you a powerful screen capturing suite, with video editing features built-in, without needing to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Key Features and Capabilities of CoolPixel

Now that we know the basics of what CoolPixel iPA is, let’s explore some of its standout features and capabilities in more detail:

  • Full Resolution HD Recording

CoolPixel can record your iOS screen at resolutions up to 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p) at a smooth 60fps frame rate. This results in incredibly sharp, detailed footage that looks fantastic when shared on sites like YouTube and Facebook.


Whether you’re recording the latest gameplay, app tutorial videos, or even streaming videos for family and friends, CoolPixel has all the raw power needed for stunning videos.

  • Audio Recording from All Sources

A great screen recording isn’t very useful without good audio to go along with it. CoolPixel allows you to record high-quality stereo audio directly from your device’s speakers and microphone.

You can capture gameplay sounds, music, voiceovers from the mic, or even ambient background noise. Audio levels are easily adjustable before recording to optimize quality.

  • Annotate and Draw Over Videos

Want to highlight certain areas of the screen or add text captions/commentary to your videos? CoolPixel makes it easy with the integrated annotation editor.


Simply tap the annotation button during recording to access the drawing and text tools. Circle, box in, or point out anything on the screen as your video rolls. The annotations become a part of the recording for later editing.

  • Built-In Video Editor

For those who want to spice up their screen recordings with additional effects, filters transitions, and more, CoolPixel has an extensive suite of post-capture video editing tools.

Trim, crop, adjust color and audio, add subtitles, filters, and stickers, stitch clips together, and export to a range of formats – all without ever leaving the app. For quick easy editing on iPhone and iPad, nothing beats CoolPixel.

  • Record External Display Mirroring

Want to record videos playing on your Apple TV or external display connected to your iPhone? No problem for CoolPixel.


Simply mirror your iOS screen over HDMI or AirPlay like normal. CoolPixel will then see the external display output as an available recording source, allowing you to capture anything showing up there in real time.

This makes it great for gameplay recordings, TV show reaction videos with friends, and any other video output from your device.

Download and Install CoolPixel iPA iOS 17 Version on iPhone & iPad

Ready to start recording your iOS screen with CoolPixel’s awesome features? Getting set up only takes a minute.

Note: CoolPixel cannot be installed via the official iOS App Store. Like many powerful iOS utilities, it needs to be sideloaded using a third-party installer. We recommend TweakBox for a safe, reliable installation.


Here is the full download and installation process:

  • Step 1 – On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari and go to to download the latest version of TweakBox.
  • Step 2 – Tap “Install” on the TweakBox welcome page and click through the profile installation prompts.
  • Step 3 – Once installed, open TweakBox and tap the “Apps” tab.
  • Step 4 – In the Apps section, search for “CoolPixel” and tap the entry to bring up the installer.
  • Step 5 – Tap “Install” to begin downloading CoolPixel iPA on your device storage.
  • Step 6 – After it has finished installing, you can access CoolPixel like any other app – it will now show up on your home screen.

That’s all there is to it! In just a few taps, you can have the full suite of CoolPixel’s screen recording prowess ready to help you create amazing iOS video content.

Pros and Cons of Using CoolPixel iOS 17 iPA

As with any app, there are both benefits and drawbacks associated with using CoolPixel as your go-to iOS screen recorder and video editor. Let’s break down some of the key pros and cons:


  • Powerful HD recording capabilities
  • Extensive, intuitive video editing tools
  • Feature-packed annotation options mid-recording
  • Works flawlessly on all recent iOS versions
  • Easy one-click media sharing abilities
  • Completely free to use with no hidden charges


  • Large app size takes up significant storage
  • Can be a battery drain with lengthy recordings
  • Requires third-party installer app (TweakBox) to download
  • Lacks a few niche features offered by competitors

So in summary – CoolPixel brings best-in-class iOS screen capture to the table, with the bonus of powerful integrated editing tools. The superior quality and extensive features make it well worth the storage space and battery usage for serious content creators.

As long as you are okay with sideloading via Tweakbox instead of the App Store for installation, CoolPixel beats out the competition across the board for iOS screen recording.

Top 5 CoolPixel iPA Alternatives 2024

CoolPixel clearly leads the pack when it comes to iOS screen recording apps. But it certainly isn’t the only solid option out there.


Here are 5 of the top alternatives to consider if CoolPixel isn’t quite right for your needs:

  • 1. AirShou

AirShou has been a mainstay screen recorder on jailbroken iOS devices for years. It recently became available for non-jailbroken phones and tablets as well.

The free version lets you capture video at 1280×720 30fps, with upgrading to the paid “AirShou Pro” unlocking 1080p 60fps recording. AirShou’s simplicity and reliability make it great for basic screen capturing needs.

  • 2. Vidiyu

Vidiyu is a popular third-party iOS recorder known for its superb annotation features. Draw, add text, stickers, and more with a high level of precision mid-recording.


Upload videos directly to YouTube or share them locally to your camera roll. Vidiyu also includes some basic editing capabilities for trimming clips afterward.

  • 3. EveryCord

EveryCord stands out for its incredibly intuitive interface that makes screen recording simple for just about anyone. It lacks some advanced features but nails the basics.

Record, edit, share, and delete clips – all instantly accessible from EveryCord’s clean home screen that anyone can master in seconds.

  • 4. ScreenRec

ScreenRec manages to pack a surprising amount of advanced recording tools like video bitrates, aspect ratios, and audio channel tweaking into its free offering.


If you want lots of manual control settings tuned perfectly for you, ScreenRec is a great pick.

  • 5. iRec

Like having multiple apps for different tasks? iRec focuses solely on capturing your iOS screen with rock-solid stability and performance above all else.

No editors libraries or complex menus – just start recording HD video with one tap. Reliable capture is what iRec hangs its hat on.

FAQs and Troubleshooting CoolPixel iPA

Let’s wrap up this guide by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about installing, using, and troubleshooting issues with CoolPixel iPA:

  • Q: Does CoolPixel iPA require a jailbroken iPhone or iPad?

A: Nope! As long as your iOS version is 9.0 or above, CoolPixel works flawlessly on any standard, non-jailbroken device.

  • Q: What iOS devices are supported by CoolPixel?

A: All full-size iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 through the latest OS version are compatible. Unfortunately, CoolPixel cannot run on downgraded legacy iOS versions still found on some older Apple devices.

  • Q: Without the App Store, is CoolPixel iPA safe to install?

A: Yes. By using a reputable third-party app store like TweakBox, you can download CoolPixel with confidence. TweakBox vets all apps for security and stability before making them available for installation. Hundreds of thousands use tools like TweakBox regularly with no issues.

  • Q: Can I edit CoolPixel screen recordings on my Mac/Windows PC?

A: Yes! Completed screen recordings are saved as standard MP4 video files that you can access through your Photos library. Transfer them over USB or using cloud sync, and you can open/edit them just like any other digital video using your preferred desktop tools.

  • Q: I’m getting a “Code Sign Error” when trying to install CoolPixel using TweakBox.

A: This is a common installation frustration with sideloaded iOS apps. The simplest fix is to turn off your device completely, turn it back on, and then try installing CoolPixel again immediately once it boots up fresh. This clears out previous pending installs queueing up the Code Sign error.

  • Q: How can I improve video quality if my CoolPixel recordings seem grainy?

A: First, double-check your CoolPixel settings to make sure you have video resolution set as high as your device supports – 1080p if possible. You can also bump up the recording bitrate which improves clarity at the cost of larger file sizes. Making sure you have plenty of available storage is key as well.


Thanks for taking the time to learn all about the incredible CoolPixel iOS screen recorder app and how to get the most out of its robust feature set!


Being able to capture professional-grade videos of your iPhone or iPad screen opens up a whole new world of content possibilities to explore. From gamers wanting to share gameplay moments to entrepreneurs hosting app tutorials, to proud parents recording their baby’s first words – CoolPixel elevates iOS screen recording to the next level.

We hope this guide gives you confidence in getting set up with CoolPixel on your own iOS device. As you can see, it provides unmatched recording quality and editing power all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Just remember to use TweakBox for smooth installation access and you’ll be creating awesome videos before you know it. Have fun putting CoolPixel through its paces – we can’t wait to see what captivating visual stories you’ll produce and share with the world!

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