The Indian Army has released an exclusive mobile application called Hamraaz for its personnel to help them access important service-related information on the go.


The Hamraaz app, now in version 7.2, functions as an easy digital platform through which army officers and jawans can view their salary, allowances, pay slips, postings updates, and more without any hassles. But how to download this useful Hamraaz application in 2024?

In this tech post, we provide army personnel with a step-by-step guide to download the latest 2024 version (v7.2) of the Hamraaz Android app directly from the official website.

We share the quick method to install this must-have Indian army app right onto your phone within minutes! Going digital not only makes working in the army smoother but also helps our soldiers save time and effort.


So if you are an Indian army officer/jawan looking to digitally access your pay, tax, or job details conveniently through an app-based system launched specially for you by the Government of India, then simply follow our short tutorial.

Hamraaz App Download Latest Version 2024

Hamraaz App Download


We assist with a direct link to securely download Hamraaz version 7.2 app, explain the quick registration process, and also guide non-tech savvy army men to easily operate the app!

What is Hamraaz App?

The Indian government has made an app called Hamraaz only for Indian army soldiers. This app helps soldiers in their work. The latest version is 7.2.


Hamraaz app shows soldiers their salary details, allowances, promotions information, etc. Using this, soldiers can check if they got the correct salary every month.

The app allows downloading salary slips so soldiers don’t have to go to the office for them. The app also updates about new job postings and transfer information.

Soldiers can use the Hamraaz app to file complaints if there is a problem with their records. The app makes life easier for army men. They can get important updates sitting at home only through this app.

Registration of the app requires a soldier’s PAN card. This is for security reasons. The app can be downloaded from the Hamraaz website to phones and laptops. Right now, the app works only on Android phones.


Every month they add new updates and features. This keeps the Hamraaz app safer and better. The Indian government manages this app with special attention to the safety of army information.

So in short, the Hamraaz app helps Indian army personnel in getting information related to their work quickly without any hassles. It is a very useful app made exclusively for Indian soldiers by the Government.

The latest Version 7.2 of Hamraaz app allows users to:

  • Check pay, allowance, and other salary details
  • View and download monthly pay slips
  • Get updates on job postings, promotions, etc.
  • Raise complaints and record updates
  • And more

This app is available only for Indian Army members. It is not on the Play Store and needs to be downloaded from the official Hamraaz website.

Hamraaz App – App Information

App NameHamraaz Indian Army App
Current VersionV7.2
SizeAround 5MB
Last APK Update2 days ago
CategoryAndroid Government App
Total Downloads76656+

Benefits of Hamraaz Army App

Using the Hamraaz app offers Indian army personnel various benefits including:

  • Verify income, allowance, and pay details from home.
  • Get updates on job postings, promotions, etc.
  • View and download monthly pay slips.
  • Access customized messages and notifications.
  • Helps army planning operations.
  • And more.

This leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and convenience for army members.

Top 10 Features of Hamraaz App

The Hamraaz app offers a host of useful features for Indian Army personnel including:

  1. Salary Information – Check monthly salary, allowances, deductions, etc.
  2. Pay Slip Download – Download pay slips for current and previous months.
  3. Part II Orders – Raise and track Part II orders.
  4. Postings – Get updates on job rotations and postings.
  5. Discharge Date – Know your discharge date from Army services.
  6. Update Contacts – Update registered mobile number and email ID.
  7. Complaints – Raise complaints related to service records.
  8. Promotions – Get updates on promotion opportunities.
  9. PAN Card Registration – Easy PAN card based registration.
  10. Security – Robust security features for data safety.

Hamraaz Army App Download for Android 2024

Follow the below steps to download the latest version of Hamraaz app for Android:

  1. Visit Website – Go to the official website
  2. Click Download Link – Find and click on the Hamraaz Android app download link.
  3. Allow Download – Enable download from external sources if prompted.
  4. Open File – Open the downloaded .apk file and tap Install.
  5. Accept Permissions – Allow requested app permissions.
  6. Register Account – Sign up with a registered PAN card to create an account.

Requirements for Hamraaz Account Login:

Using the Hamraaz app or website safely requires some care from your side too. For securely logging into your Hamraaz account, ensure you follow these points:

  1. Enter the Hamraaz URL carefully in the browser. The correct link is Do not click suspicious links.
  2. Keep your Android phone’s software up-to-date. Also, update all applications installed to avoid technical errors or hacking risks.
  3. Never access the Hamraaz app from free public WiFi or networks. Only use your mobile internet.
  4. Do not click on unknown links or files sent via a message that can allow viruses.
  5. Disable location access, Bluetooth, WiFi, and other connectivity when not needed to enhance privacy.
  6. Optimally restart your Android phone once a week to clear temporary data.
  7. Download apps only from authorized Play Store or third-party app stores. Avoid outside unknown sources.
  8. Setup a screen lock like pattern, PIN, or fingerprint to prevent misuse if the phone gets lost.
  9. After finishing your Hamraaz app work, log in properly for security.

Following these basic safety measures will keep your device and army app access more secure from risks like hacking or data theft. Stay safe online!

Hamraaz App Login 2024

Hamraaz App Login

Follow the below steps to login to your Hamraaz app account after downloading:

  1. Open the Hamraaz app on your Android phone.
  2. Enter your registered Username and Password.
  3. Enter the captcha code shown.
  4. Tap Login.
  5. You will be logged in and can now access full features.

Did you forget Hamraaz App Password?

forget Hamraaz App Password


If you forget the Hamraaz account password, you can easily reset it from the app home screen:

  1. Tap the Forgot Password option.
  2. Enter the PAN number in capital letters.
  3. Enter the captcha code shown.
  4. Enter the registered security answer.
  5. Create and confirm the new password.
  6. Your Hamraaz app password will be reset.

How to Download Payslip from Hamraaz App?

You can easily download monthly pay slips from the Hamraaz app by:

  1. Logging in to your Hamraaz account in the Hamraaz App.
  2. Going to the Payslip/Form 16 option.
  3. Select pay slip month and year.
  4. Tap Download to save the pay slip to the device.

Hamraaz App Conditions to Use:

A Few conditions for using the Hamraaz app:

  • Available only for Indian Army members
  • Can be downloaded only from the official site
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Bug fixes are done regularly
  • Data is secure on Indian servers
  • Needs stable internet connectivity

Hamraaz Customer Care

For any issues while using the app, contact Hamraaz customer support:


Is Hamraaz App Safe?

Yes, the Hamraaz app is completely safe to use as it has been specially created by the Indian Army and Government agencies for army personnel. It has robust security protocols in place and data resides in highly secure Indian servers.

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FAQs about Hamraaz App:

  • Q1. Can I use Hamraaz app on iPhone?

No, currently it is available only for Android devices.

  • Q2. Do I need the internet to use the app?

Yes, stable internet connectivity is required for Hamraaz app access. Offline use is not possible.

  • Q3. How do I reset my Hamraaz password?

You need to go to the Forgot Password option on the app login screen and reset using your PAN number.

  • Q4. Can family members access my Hamraaz account?

No, as per policy only registered army personnel can access their exclusive accounts.

  • Q5. Is app download safe from the official website?

Yes, the website and app download link is 100% safe and verified.


The Hamraaz mobile app by the Indian Army provides useful services and information access rights on smartphones for army personnel.


This guide covers all the details about the app, its registration and login process, how to download pay slips, reset passwords, and more.

We hope this detailed article helped you learn about the Hamraaz Indian Army app. Please share your feedback in the comments!

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