Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working (Fixed)


Wireless charging can be extremely convenient for keeping your Nokia X100 powered up on the go. However, sometimes you may run into issues getting your device to charge wirelessly.


Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working

Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the common reasons the Nokia X100 wireless charging may not be working, along with troubleshooting tips to get it fixed.

Overview of Wireless Charging on the Nokia X100

The Nokia X100 supports Qi wireless charging technology. This allows it to charge by simply placing it on a compatible Qi wireless charging pad.


Qi charging works through electromagnetic induction between a coil in the charging pad and a coil in the phone. When aligned properly, it creates an electromagnetic field that transfers power wirelessly.

For the Nokia X100, you’ll want a Qi certified wireless charger that provides at least 10W power delivery for optimal charging speed.

While wireless charging is very convenient, it does have some limitations compared to wired charging:

  • The wireless charging coil needs to be precisely aligned with the phone’s coil for charging to work. Even slightly off-center placement can cause charging issues.
  • The maximum power transfer rate is slower than wired fast charging. expect longer charge times on a wireless charger.
  • Certain phone cases and materials can interfere with or block the wireless charging signal.

Keeping these limitations in mind will help troubleshoot any wireless charging problems you encounter with your Nokia X100.


Why Is My Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working?

There are a few common reasons why your Nokia X100 may not be wirelessly charging properly:

  • Misaligned Phone Placement

For wireless charging to work, the phone has to be precisely centered on the charging pad so that the internal coils align. Even being a few millimeters off can cause issues.

Double-check that your Nokia X100 is properly centered on the charging pad. Try adjusting its placement if it’s not aligning well with the pad coil.

  • Dirt or Debris Interference

Dust, dirt, or debris on the charging pad or phone back can create a physical barrier that blocks the wireless charging signal.


Inspect your charging pad and phone and clean them with a microfiber cloth to remove any contaminants. Pay close attention to the charging area.

  • Phone Case Causing Interference

Certain thick or metallic phone cases can interfere with wireless charging, especially if they have metallic parts near the charging coil area.

Try removing your Nokia X100 case and charging it directly on the bare phone to see if that helps. Get a thin, non-metallic case designed for wireless charging.

  • Nearby Metal Objects Interfering

Metallic objects near the charging pad or phone can cause electromagnetic interference that disrupts the charging signal.


Remove any metal objects from the vicinity, including coins, keys, paperclips, staples, jewelry, etc. Also, check your case for metal.

  • Issues With Charger, Cable, or Power Adapter

Faulty charging pads, frayed/damaged cables, and malfunctioning power adapters can prevent wireless charging.

Test with different charging pads, cables, and adapters to isolate the faulty component. Replace if necessary.

  • Software or App Issues Draining Battery

Apps running background tasks or pending software updates can drain the battery faster than the wireless charger can replenish it.


Check for and install any pending system software updates. Force stop battery draining apps. Restart your phone.

  • Incompatible Charging Pad

The wireless charger must provide at least 10W power delivery and work on the Qi standard to charge the Nokia X100.

Ensure you are using a Qi certified wireless charger designed for 10W fast charging. Older 5W chargers may not work well.

If the issue persists after checking for all these common problems, there could be a hardware defect with your Nokia X100’s wireless charging coil. You may need to get the phone serviced.


Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working

If your Nokia X100 is still not charging wirelessly, follow these steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

  • 1. Adjust phone placement on the charging pad

Center your phone precisely on the pad and try slight adjustments to get the internal coils aligned. The charging pad light or animation can guide proper alignment.

  • 2. Inspect and clean the charging pad and phone

Carefully clean the contact areas with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust, lint, or grease buildup.

  • 3. Remove the phone case and metal objects

Take off any bulky cases and keep clearance from metal objects that could cause electromagnetic interference.

  • 4. Try different charging pads, cables and adapters

Test different charger combinations to see if any components are faulty, frayed, or defective.

  • 5. Update phone software and restart

Install pending updates, force stop battery draining apps and restart your phone.

  • 6. Use a charging pad designed for 10W fast charging

Lower powered 5W chargers may be too slow to charge the Nokia X100 effectively.

  • 7. Get the phone serviced if the issue persists

If wireless charging still fails after troubleshooting, there could be an internal hardware issue needing repair.


Taking methodical steps to isolate the issue can help get the Nokia X100 wireless charging working again.

Tips to Maintain Nokia X100 Wireless Charging

Here are some useful tips to keep wireless charging working smoothly:

  • Use the right charging pad: Opt for 10W+ Qi certified pads from reputable brands designed for your Nokia X100. Avoid cheap, low-power chargers.
  • Keep metal objects away: Coins, keys, and other metal materials can interfere if too close to the charging area.
  • Clean regularly: Gently remove dust and dirt buildup from the charging pad and phone back to maintain a clear signal pathway.
  • Avoid overcharging: Don’t leave your phone charging overnight after it reaches 100%. Overcharging generates excess heat that degrades coils.
  • Check notifications: Update charging related apps/firmware if you get any prompts. Keep OS and apps updated.
  • Use a thin, non-metallic case: Bulky or metallic cases can impede wireless charging. Get a special thin case if needed.
  • Don’t force misalignments: If your phone doesn’t seem to be charging well, reposition it instead of forcing it.
  • Replace worn-out pads: Charging pads can degrade over time after prolonged use. Replace them every 1-2 years.

Following these wireless charging best practices will maximize convenience and prevent many headaches down the road.

Troubleshooting FAQs on Nokia X100 Wireless Charging Not Working

Here are some frequently asked questions about troubleshooting wireless charging issues on the Nokia X100:

  • Why is my Nokia X100 wireless charging intermittent?

Intermittent charging is typically caused by slight coil misalignments. Try adjusting the phone’s position on the pad for more consistent contact. Also, check for debris buildup interfering with charging.

  • Why is my Nokia X100 wireless charging slow?

Low-powered 5W chargers, misalignments, and debris interference can slow down charging speeds. Use 10W+ chargers, align perfectly, and clean contact points.

  • How can I tell if my charging pad is bad or faulty?

If your pad is not charging well with multiple phones, the LED indicator is always red/blinking, or it’s warm when not in use, the pad itself may be defective.

  • Why does my Nokia X100 get hot while wireless charging?

Excessive heat is a sign of inefficient charging. This can be caused by misalignments, low-power adapters, or debris/cause interference. Align properly and eliminate obstructions.

  • Why does my phone stop charging randomly?

Frequent wireless charging dropouts are typically due to intermittent coil misalignments as you pick up/set down the phone. Find the best alignment spot and charge without moving the phone.

  • Should I get my Nokia X100 serviced if wireless charging failed?

If you’ve troubleshooted thoroughly and wireless charging still fails, it likely indicates a hardware issue needing professional repair. Contact Nokia support.

Thoroughly troubleshooting wireless charging problems can usually resolve common issues and get your Nokia X100 charging wirelessly again.

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While wireless charging is very convenient for modern phones like the Nokia X100, it does come with its set of setup and maintenance requirements. Understanding the limitations of the technology and properly troubleshooting problems when they arise will help ensure smooth wireless charging.

Carefully inspecting phone placement, cleaning contact points, removing cases/metal, testing charger components, and keeping software updated can fix many wireless charging issues. Finding the right balance of power and alignment is key.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will help you keep your Nokia X100 powered up wirelessly wherever you need it. Let us know if you have any other wireless charging questions!


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