Truecaller Number Search is a term that is searched by tons of TrueCaller users every day because we all get lots of unknown number calls on a daily basis, I hope you are one of them too because…


I know more than 80% of smartphone users use TrueCaller App for android as well as for iPhones because this is the most important feature of TrueCaller it helps us to determine who calls us and from where.

TrueCaller Number Search

TrueCaller Number Search


TrueCaller can easily find contact details of any unknown mobile or landline phone numbers with just a few taps. In the details, it may give you the name, address, picture if he/she put it, and location of the caller.


TrueCaller also provides a cool feature where you can block any number with a just single tap. You can more about TrueCaller on Wiki Page.

Basically, TrueCaller is a kinda phone numbers directory, where all users put their details and because of this process, we can check other people’s details with TrueCaller App.

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Once, you install this app on your smartphone, the app automatically picks up your contact details from your phonebook details and manages them in their global database. This way, they collect worldwide details of users.


How to Use TrueCaller Number Search? Find Out Below

TrueCaller Number Search
TrueCaller Number Search

This whole database is accessible by anyone from anywhere with TrueCaller App (For Android & For iPhone) or TrueCaller Website.

How to find Contact Details Using the TrueCaller Number Search Feature?

  1. Go to the official TrueCaller Website.
  2. Now every new user needs to sign up on the website and you can follow the below options to log in:
  • Google Account
  • Microsoft Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Yahoo! Account
  1. Once you log in successfully, you will find the “Search Bar” and you can enter the phone number for which you want to know the caller details. TrueCaller bots will automatically detect entire details of the number such as country and country code as well if the user enters his/her details then you can see the Name, Profile Picture, and much more details.

How to download TrueCaller App to Search Numbers:

As you all know that TrueCaller is damn popular and available for all major platforms such as Symbion (For Old Nokia Phones), Android, Windows Phone, and Apple iOS – You can find official apps here for all OS -> Android, Windows, iOS.

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So we hope you find this post useful for you and you can now use the “TrueCaller Number Search” functionality and now no one can threaten you with numbers.

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